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If you’re ready to embrace and grow your personal style, I can help


1-on-1 Styling

Learn to shop for your own wardrobe, wear clothes in more versatile ways, and shop more effectively (and in the stores you want!). PLUS learn to love and appreciate that gorgeous body of yours, with a personal style that works for you.

Simply choose from one of my specially tailored styling packages and we can work together to get you looking good and feeling amazing in no time. (also available online if you’re not in Auckland!)


Learn at Home

I’ve created a series of eBooks for you to walk through the process of kickstarting your style at your own pace.

From the fundamentals of getting your personal style right, to creating a capsule wardrobe from the pieces you probably already own, these eBooks are the perfect way to start working on your style.


Let’s Chat

Are you ready to elevate you everyday style but don’t know where to start?

Jump on a FREE 30 minute style consult zoom call with me and we’ll talk through where you’re getting stuck with your style.

Then we can access which of my Style Coaching packages is best suited for you to nail your everyday style.

I only have FOUR of these calls per month so book in quick!

Are you ready?

Working with me will reinvent your style. Let me teach you how to embrace the skin you’re in, value the clothes you have, and shop more mindfully when needed.

About Cait

As a personal stylist and style coach with almost 20 years experience in the industry, I promise that I will help you learn to appreciate and love the body you have, and to be confident in making the right style choices that make you FEEL amazing.

I promise I will show you the true value of the clothes you already own. I will help you make smart choices about what you have, and bout what you buy in the future.

With degrees in psychology and journalism, language is my superpower. The way we think and talk about our bodies and our style can have a lasting impact on us. Everything I do and say in my business, is aimed at making a positive difference in your life

My extensive background in the fashion industry includes working with both high-end designer brands and mainstream chain stores, in all facets of the business. It’s the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt over the years that allow me to help YOU, the amazing woman that you are, to understand the power that fashion has to make you feel good!

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand, but never fear, with the power of the internet, we can work together wherever you are.

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