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I’m Cait.

As a personal stylist and style coach with over 20 years experience in the industry, I promise that I will help you learn to appreciate and love the body you have, and to be confident in making the right style choices that make you FEEL amazing.

I promise I will show you the true value of the clothes you already own. I will help you make smart choices about what you have, and about what you buy in the future.

With degrees in psychology and journalism, language is my superpower. The way we think and talk about our bodies and our style can have a lasting impact on us. Everything I do and say in my business, is aimed at making a positive difference in your life

My extensive background in the fashion industry includes working with both high-end designer brands and mainstream chain stores, in all facets of the business. It’s the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt over the years that allow me to help YOU, the amazing woman that you are, to understand the power that fashion has to make you feel good!

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand, but with the powers of the internet, we can work together wherever you are so get in touch!

About Caitlin Taylor Chasing Cait personal stylist


“Let me help you elevate your everyday style, and get you confidence back.

I promise I will be gentle, and not judge you. I will listen to your needs, and put together the pieces of the puzzle to create a style that is UNIQUELY yours.

Style has such an amazing way of telling someone about who you are, so it’s time to tell YOUR STORY.




Chasing Cait the blog started in October 2010 when The Husband suggested that instead of coming home from work everyday and telling just him about the experiences I’d had that day, maybe I should write it down. So I did.

In 2012, I completed my Masters of Journalism, with a thesis topic based around fashion blogging – but my love of fashion + writing goes back  a long way. I’ve been involved in fashion PR and marketing for a long time, but I love that a blog is a way to have your own voice – your own way of saying things and your own way of giving advice.

Chasing Cait is always written with YOU in mind, based on experiences I’ve had in MY working and personal life.

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My mother really should have called me Imelda – in fact she used to joke that at aged 4 that was my middle name!

I’ve always loved clothes and shoes! ohhhh how I love the shoes! But the thought of making a career out of fashion never even crossed my mind, so imagine how lucky I feel now to be able to not only write about everything sartorial  but have the opportunity to help everyday women discover why I love fashion so much!

All my experiences have come together in Chasing Cait, I feel that my rich and varied career so far has given me a huge insight into how we can all dress for our bodies, budgets, ages and personal style.

As a mum of three little girls (Emmie is 7, Lottie is 5 and Matilda, the newest edition is 3!), I understand even more now, how important is it to be able to combine COMFORT + STYLE. That is what Chasing Cait is all about – making style easy everyday!

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