I’d love to chat more about partnering with your brand.

Below are some FAQ’s about collaborations, as well as my standard rates and what it means to work with an expert.

Thank you so much for reaching out to discuss the option of us creating some cool content together for your brand. Chasing Cait started as a blog in 2011 so I’ve been here a while. I love offering easy to follow, practical everyday style advice to my followers. 
In 2023, my brand elevated to become Caitlin Taylor. Stylist. My business is now so much more than just the blog, and online, I really focus on long term partnerships with brands that I genuinely love and more importantly,  would honestly recommend to my readers and clients.



When it comes to everyday style, I’m a EXPERT in my field.
I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, and a personal stylist for over a decade. I also have degrees in psychology and journalism.
When you work with me, you’re working with a fashion insider who has an engaged social audience of almost 30,000 people, primarily women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, craving advice on how to work style into their everyday lives.
My audience is following me with the expectation of genuine recommendations, and that is what they will always get from me, regardless if it’s a paid partnership arrangement or not.
What you are not getting is just another lifestyle influencer promoting brand after brand, day in and day out.
What you ARE getting, is an expert in their field, than people come to for guidance and advice on how to elevate their everyday style, from a knowledgable source.



87.8 % are in NZ
17.3 % are in Aus
77.2 % of followers are women between the ages of 25 – 45


18.2 K followers

63.3 % are in NZ
26.6 % are in Aus
68.8 % of followers are women between the ages of 25 – 45


As much as any gal loves free clothes, I don’t accept gifted items in exchange for specific styling content, as the saying goes, “frocks don’t pay the bills”
If you have marketing budget to work with, I’m happy to work together to tailor a content package that would provide value for both of us and to really showcase your gorgeous collections to my NZ audience.
You might occasionally see items disclose as gifted but these have either been gifted as part of a larger paid campaign, or have been gifted previously.
I’m moving towards cultivating fewer, but more powerful long term brand relationships, and with brands that have the same values, as well as reaching similar audiences as me.
Like any other marketing cost, working with me is an investment in your business. Just like you would pay a web designer, a model in a photo shoot, or a copywriter.


OOOH the money talk.
Engaging a content creator, along with any other form of marketing, has a cost associated  with it.
There are many factors involved in creating content, and my fees cover:

1. My time

2. My expertise

3. Access to my audience

For the lovely Australian companies, I know that you have some pretty amazing content creators, and we love all they do over here in NZ, however, New Zealand is a unique space when it comes to content creation and we cost our content creation quite differentlyThe pool is small but powerful, and rates are reflected as such.
My personal rates not only reflect the number and quality of my followers, but also my expertise in the fashion industry.

The following are my CASUAL rates that I would charge for a one-off post.

Ideally I would like to tailor a specific longer term package to suit your needs, which will bring down the cost per post.

Short, fun styling Reel (IG/TikTok) $900
Longer styling video on IGTV/Facebook (such as Try on Tuesday or 1 item 4 ways videos) $1100
Instagram / Facebook feed post $600
Instagram / Facebook stories series (minimum 3 x stories + link clicks) $800
Blog post ( with associated social media sharing $850

(all prices exclude gst)

Discounts available for longer term partnerships:

10% off for 3 month contract

15% off for 6 month contract

Keen to chat more about creating a content package that right for your brand?

Email me here:

Pick up the phone: 0204 154 5240 (New Zealand)

Follow me on Facebook | or on Instagram | Read the blog

Post stuff to: 21 Moana Ave, Onehunga, Auckland, 1061


I love working with each and every one of my content partners to help them achieve their goals.

Everything I do is tailored to each brand individually, and here is what some of my favourite brand partners had to say about working with me. 

“Caitlin has literally been a life saver at times for myself and my brand!

She is constantly encouraging and recognising opportunities to help exposure, customer experience as well as generating new customers for our business.

I find Cait to be very authentic to herself and her brand.

She works with a huge amount of integrity to convey the brands she is aligned with in the best possible light. I know that I don’t have to give her any guidance and have complete trust in how she presents Harrie and Sam.

On a personal level I have found her wonderful in working and personal capacity for myself and my business.

She is very true to who she is and often helps out with no need or desire to benefit herself.

I couldn’t recommend working with someone more.”

Stacey McIntosh

Owner / Designer, Harrie & Sam

“Cait is an absolute delight to work with!

You always rely on her producing quality, stylish, fun and beautiful content.

Whether that’s reels, IGTV, lives, images – you name it! We love working with her and will continue to do so!”

Lucy Ferguson

Communications & Engagement Manager, FRANKiE 4 Footwear

“This is so beautifully done and thank you for remembering every small detail not to mention wearing it so beautifully.

You look so incredibly beautiful in everything and I love how you bring everything across with such genuine enthusiasm and gorgeousness – I’m truly blown away with you’re professionalism and understanding of what truly is beneficial for the brand as well, thank you ! You’re incredible !!!”

Turet Knuefermann

Owner / Designer, Knuefermann by TK