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I’ve answered some of my most frequently asked questions here for you

Do I have to have a big budget to book a 1-on-1 styling package with you?

Absolutely not! I believe that money doesn’t buy style and you don’t need a lot of it to get stylish! Most clients spend between $500 – $1000 when we shop, but you can spend as much or as little as you want. I write you a shopping list, so even if you don’t want to buy everything on the day, you’ve still got your list to work off.


Where do you take me shopping?

Short answer? Wherever you want to go.

Malls and shopping centres with mainstream chain stores are my forte. I generally take you to the mall or area that has the most shops that I think will work for our list that we’ve created. If you particularly want to go somewhere specific, we can certainly accommodate that into your shopping trip.  I always tell customers never to judge a store by who they think should shop there so part of my job is to open your eyes to new shopping opportunities.


Can I bring a friend or family member with me.

I know the whole experience can seem scary and you want some moral support! But I promise I’m lovely and I don’t bite! You are going to get a much better (and more 1-on-1) experience if it’s just you and me.

Sometimes friends and family members can (unwittingly) project their opinions and style onto you, confusing your decisions. I’m there to offer objective, and educated advice and we both get much more out of the experience if it’s just the two of us.


What if I don’t live in Auckland?

Don’t fret! There are heaps of other options. We can jump on a VIRTUAL STYLING SESSION and have a chat, you can follow along on the blog, or you can grab my E-BOOK and work through the steps yourself. The beauty of the e-book is that it’s written so it doesn’t matter where you live!

If there is a group of you, I’m happy to travel around New Zealand and run a Styling Workshop (there is a minimum number of attendees required).

If you’d still really love a 1-on-1 personal styling package with me, drop me an email, we can negotiate a travel fee, or if there are several people in your location that are interested, I can come down for a few days.

I also come back to Australia quite often so touch base with me to see when I’m back in town next.


Why do you only offer package services?

My main ambition is to get you looking and feeling your best! After years of experience, I’ve tailored my packages to give YOU the best value for money, and the best use of my time.

The at home wardrobe audit is designed to let me get to know you, your style, your body, your lifestyle and your budget BEFORE we hit the shops. That way, when we do go shopping, we hit the ground running (no faffing around!).

You can just book in for a personal shopping session (with a minimum of 2 hours) but I promise you’ll get more bang for your buck with a package.


What days and times do you work?

I’m happy to fit around your busy schedule! We can do after-hours or Saturday sessions if that’s what you need. Many malls are open for at least one late night  and we can split our packages into two or even 3 sessions if need be. However, I generally don’t work Sundays (I like to have some time with my own family, the dears)


Are you going to make me look and dress like you?

Only if you want me to haha! But seriously, my job as a personal stylist is to listen to YOUR needs and to translate what that means into clothes that will suit YOUR shape, size, budget, style personality and lifestyle! I have my own sense of style, but that is MY personal style, I’m not going to project it onto you. I’m an expert at what I do, so you have to trust that you’re in good hand when you work with me.



Hopefully that helps answer some of your questions about working with me.
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I love working with each and every one of my style coaching clients to help them achieve their goals.

Everything I do is tailored to each person individually, and here is what some of my favourite clients had to say about working with me. 

I was so grateful Cait was nice. When you’re in a clothes rut you need someone both clever and kind. Cait’s both.

It didn’t matter that I was on a tight budget, Cait knew where the bargains could be found. It also didn’t matter that I still carried baby weight, Cait knew what flattered.

A short shopping list gave life to my unworn clothes. Outfits worked, colours popped and comfort reigned. 

I was grateful for Cait’s understanding and I was grateful for Cait’s skill.


Marketing Director, Point Chevalier

When I first met Caitlin I had been promoted and knew I needed to change my work wardrobe to ensure I made the right impression.

As a busy mum of 2 littlies, my wardrobe had long languished and I lacked confidence in how I looked.

A couple of sessions with Caitlin, and with just a few key purchase I felt that I had a whole new wardrobe and my confidence soared.

I had very positive feedback from clients and colleagues who noticed the change in both what I wore and how I carried myself. Now I have a wardrobe where I love everything in it, and I feel confident that I “look” the part in the most corporate of settings”


Business owner and mum of 2

Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for the Autumn style guide. I bought it and have had a good look through and I instantly feel better and more confident about styling myself for Autumn.

I’m a 42 year old teacher and was stuck in a bit of a style funk. Now I feel as if I’ve got many options sitting in my own wardrobe.




Not only did I have a bunch of fun with Caitlin during our session but I have doubled my wardrobe without buying a thing!

Her knowledge of style, our different body shapes and how to use what we have was refreshing and realistic.  I wish I had done this 10 years ago! Now when I walk into a store I know exactly what I am looking for from shape, colour and style but more importantly I know what NOT to buy.

Caitlin was very professional and inspiring – I have recommended her to all my girlfriends and their mums!


Business Coach

Cait was absolutely fantastic, and I can recommend her to anyone thinking of getting help with personal styling.I needed help with my winter work wardrobe, and learning about how to accessorise.

I took the Complete Package, and Cait first helped me with a wardrobe clean out. It was easier and more cathartic than I had thought. But I didn’t get rid of everything, and as we cleared out Cait wrote a shopping list (simple, yet I hadn’t considered doing that to go clothes shopping!), making note of what new things I should buy to re-invigorate what I already had.

Shopping with her is better than going with your best friend! She was totally focussed on me, talked me through all the items she was picking up, and totally opened my eyes on how to shop for myself. I felt like I learned so much with her. Body shapes, proportions, colourings, even textures – things I had ‘heard’ of, but never understood. I could write an essay on how great the experience was, but trying to keep it short..

I feel excited and confident about what I’m wearing now, and the compliments haven’t stopped coming. 🙂 I will definitely be shopping with Cait again in Summer!


IT Consultant and mum, Auckland

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