Now this is a big call I know! And it’s not even me making it! Decjuba actually call them “the best pants ever” in store! But I have to say, I agree.

If you’ve been on a 1-on-1 shopping trip with me in the last 2 years, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about too. I put these pants on almost every single client and I’m yet to have someone NOT buy them!

so what are they and where are they from? Get your hands on the Decjuba Lexi Bengaline Pants $129.95 (Aus)

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So WHY are they so awesome.

It’s all about the stretch. Bengaline is pretty much like a summer version of ponte pants (remember this post on why ponte pants are so good?). They have S T R E T C H but they also have structure and support so they don’t feel at all like you’re wearing leggings (which as we all know, say it with me, are NOT pants!).

They also have a flat waist band to offer support over your tummy (AMAZING when your pregnant…. and when you’re not!) and they simply pull on. who knew pull on pants weren’t just for nana anymore.

They are machine washable, they fit TRUE TO SIZE generally, and if you hang them right on the line, they won’t even need to be ironed – score!

So how do you wear them?

Wear them three ways

Finally, we get to the point of the whole blog post! How to mix and match them in different ways to work them into your wardrobe. As you know, I’m all about bang for buck and these babies are the ultimate version of that!

1. Glam them up. 

These pants are a gorgeous, skinny black pant and they work perfectly with heels! Add a dressy top and some neck-bling and you’re date night ready (but with enough stretch in your pants for dessert – win, win!)


2. Black on Black

Nothing is more chic and timeless than black on black. I’ve just added a pop of colour with my accessories, but this look would take you pretty much anywhere, from office to dinner, to the playground and everywhere in between. I wore it shopping with a personal styling client last week and have never been so comfortable!

decjuba best pants ever


3. Everyday style

This is my everyday, running around-alternative-to-jeans outfit. These pants are comfy, stretchy and pull-on. Jeans be gone, you are not needed anymore!Feb_19

I can’t think of one reason why you shouldn’t already be over on the Decjuba website buying these pants right now! (oh wait, stay and finish reading this blog post first haha!). But seriously, this is me with my professional stylist hat on. They really are the Best Pants Ever.

Do you have a specific styling question you’d like me to answer on the blog? Tel me in the comments below, I’d love to help you out!

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,


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