We’ve all got a pair (or seven) of these in our wardrobe, but I’m guessing for most of you, they are just standard Saturday morning around the house attire in the middle of summer with a singlet and your jandals.

And that’s cool, hey, I do it too! BUT I wanted to show you a couple of other ways you could incorporate your trusty denim shorts into other outfits, just in time for the summer holidays.

The shorts

I’m featuring these babies from Jeanswest – The Bonnie Boyfriend Short $59.99. They are a great mid-colour, and the length is adjustable (see below). I usually go up a size in shorts so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried my normal size 12 and they were perfect so buy your true size.

Jeanswest bonnie boyfriend shorts

Check out this nifty little feature, the domes on the side allow you to adjust the length as you want to.

denim shorts up and down

And here’s a few different ways you can wear them…..

Weekend Boho Babe

boho look denim shorts from jeanswest boho look denim shortsI’m OB.SESSED with kaftans at the mo, so I pretty much would wear one with anything, these shorts are no exception! Prefect for a weekend BBQ in the park with friends or family, or even Christmas Day at your mum and dad’s. Your comfortable, but you look a little bit more stylish than just jandals and a tee

On Trend

denim shirts, slogan tee and lace up flats 2 denim shorts, slogan tee and lace up flatsYou know me, I do love a trend every now and then, and I’ve combined two with this look – The Slogan Tee and the Lace Up Flats. If you want to keep your style on point, but add a casual element to your look, this little combo is perfect (especially for when it gets too hot for jeans!)


denim shorts with togs denim shorts with togsNow I don’t put pictures of myself in swimmers on the internet very often so be kind! (meanwhile these Farmers togs are OFFICIALLY the best swimmers I’ve ever owned! Get yours here) But how perfect are these shorts for a lazy day by the pool (or at the beach) maybe it’s hanging at your parents on Boxing Day, or maybe you’re hitting the sand with your kids and some friends, just pull these puppies on over your togs and you’ve totally got that summer vide going!

See? Not a jandal or a singlet in sight! Your good old denim shorts have a few more uses that you probably think so it’s about time to pull them out!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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