oooooh over the knee boots, how I love thee.

And to be honest, I didn’t think I would. I mean, I love them on the skinny insta-models, but I have thighs right? Good, soft womanly thighs. So would they still work on me?

I know you are thinking the same thing, because I hear it from clients ALL the time! “But I’m too (insert some sort of descriptive word about your body here) to wear over the knee boots. I think I’ll just stick to my trainers”.

Well guess what. You are NOT too short, tall, pear-shaped, human-shaped, big, small etc etc to wear these boots.

Want to know how to wear over- the-knee boots? Pull them on.

Yep. It’s as simple as that. There are no rules, just find a pair you like, and wear them. And if you’re still not sure how to wear them, then never fear, I’ve got three different ways in this post for you to rock the over-the-knee boots.

First. The Boots.

Ok, if you want somewhere to start, I love all of the thing about this pair. They are affordable (even more so now they are on SALE!), black, have a decent heel that is wearable all day, and they are pull-on!

Over the knee boots_ ChasingCaitHannahs Shoes Pulp Noir “Illuzzion” Boots $129.95 NOW only $69.95!!!

Ok cool. Now you have the boots, here are a few ways to wear them.


Everyday Style

Over the knee boots_ ChasingCait Over the knee boots_ ChasingCait

Want to add a little something something to your standard jeans and tee?

Why not swap out your ankle boot for the OTK variety!

It’s such a great way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. (like the knit? You can grab one for yourself over on Cait & Co for just $59!)

Dress it up!

Over the knee boots_ ChasingCait

Over the knee boots_ ChasingCait

This is my favourite way to wear the OTK boots!

Even it winter it means you can rock a mini without having to show too much leg.

It’s a game of proportions when it comes to OTK boots and dresses. You want to be able to see the gap, otherwise you may as well just be wearing stockings and ankle boots.

(and for those of you concerned about how cold I am, there is merino under the dress, and you could also wear this look with sheer tights).


Work it Girl.

Over the knee boots _ ChasingCait

Who said you can’t wear your OTK’s to work??

If you’re workplace is a little more on the conservative side, you could totally just add a black opaque stocking underneath.

Keep the rest of your outfit super-professional and you can definitely rock this look for work all day everyday!


See? Not that hard at all right? And yes, I am tall, but that shouldn’t matter. In fact, sometimes I feel that you don’t get as much drama with the OTK boots when you are tall because they only just come over my knee haha!

I had a client try these exact boots on and she is 5ft 3 and they looks amazing on her so no excuses ladies!

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Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,