I didn’t used to be a big pants girl, dresses all the way for me. I just liked the shape of how they sat on my body better.

I think moving to NZ almost 6 years ago (I KNOW right?) changed that though – the weather here is much more pant-friendly than sunny QLD and I embraced the pant.

So much so that I think I have a slight obsession now with a certain cut. Yes, I’m talking about the culotte.

I think they are actually the perfect pant.

The are light weight (so perfect for summer), most of the time they have an elastic waist-band (so perfect for eating), and they come in every print, colour and fabric under the sun (so something for everyone).

My faves from left to right: Zara | CottonOn | Asos


Now I can already hear some of you saying, “but I’m too short, tall, wide, skinny blah blah blah” for culottes….

Come on guys, you know by now how I feel about this! If you want to wear culottes (and you really don’t have to if they aren’t your thing), It REALLY IS just about finding the right cut/length/style that suits you! And I promise, there is a pair out there!

So to help you on your journey to find the right pair of culottes for you, I’ve put together TEN on my faves! Plus I’ve added in some expert styling tips on how to rock your culottes below too….See any you like?

1. Dotti jumpsuit $79.95^
2. Warehouse soft pleat culottes from ASOS $84.22^
3. Witchery “Plisse” pant $149.90
4. Veronika Maine Drapey Twill Paper Bag Culotte $265
5. H&M textured wide leg trousers $69.99
6. Country Road sheer print culotte $259.00
7. Kilt “Roux” pant in blush $169.00
8. Portmans “Carissa” belted cuotte $89.95^
9. CottonOn mid rise wide leg crop jeans $54.99
10. Bird Keeper cross over pants from Birdsnest.com $89.95^


Now there a couple of little tricks to try when you’re buying and wearing culottes….

1. Always try them how you intend to wear them…. so style them up how you want to wear them in real life.

2. Tuck your top in! Culottes are generally designed to be higher-waisted. And because they have a natural flow to them, tucking your top in will make your legs look longer and balance out the wide leg of the culotte

3. Try them with a heel (or at least a wedge). As your confidence grows, you can wear with  flat, but the heel will balance out the wide leg a little better to start.

4. Aim for them to finish mid-to-lower ankle, no shorter! You want the hem of pant to finish where you leg is naturally slimmest, around your ankle – any higher and you might start to look a little frumpy.

So I hope those wee tips help a little when you’re trying, buying and styling your culottes! And remember, before you dismiss them, you won’t know until you give it a go!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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