Ok wait, before you get up on your soap-box and start ranting, actually read the list!

My morning coffee almost went all over my computer when I read this tweet….. it’s totally not what you think, but it’s brilliant all the same.

20 things not to wear over 30

What I love the most about this tweet is that is makes the point SO CLEARLY about how dumb those actual posts telling people what not to wear (whether it’s to do with your size, shape, or age).

You’ll notice on Chasing Cait, I will NEVER tell you what not to wear (except if it’s leggings as pants. That’s still a no). If you feel amazing in something, no matter what it is, then more power to you. Have a read of THIS POST to find out more on why I actually don’t give a f#*k what you wear, unless you want me to 😉

Age (and size) is just a number, it shouldn’t stop you from looking and feeling fabulous so if you think you can pull it off, you can ok??

On that note, here are 3 fabulous things that are floating around the internets right now that I’m loving, and that I think you can totally wear, no matter what your age, size or shape.

ageless fab finds

SHOP THE STYLES: Gorman ‘Walala pop!” jumpsuit $229 | Dejuba “Sunday Brunch” sweater $79.95 | Seed Heritage “Amber” sneakers $69.90


Until Next Time, In Love & Style (no matter your age),


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