Haha! So it feels kinda laughable to be writing about Autumn fashions as I sit here in shorts and a singlet, with the sun shining and the temp at about 25 degrees.


It’s coming! And it will hit harder, and faster than you think (sounds kinda like a Roger Federer serve when you say it like that. random) so best to start thinking about it now.

I’ve tracked down three pieces that you can definitely purchase, and WEAR now, that will take you through to more Autumnal weather (because, technically, it IS already Autumn).

The idea of these pieces is that they create your trans-seasonal wardrobe, and that you will be able to wear them into the start of winter AND again through for the start of Spring later in the year.

So here they are, in no particular order….

1. The Kimono

the kimono for autumn

Wear it now.

I LOVE the colours in the print of the one I’m wearing from Surafina (get it here). Kimonos are great for a little sun protection over your shoulders in the hotter months.

Pair it back with a plain summer dress, or a singlet and denim shorts like I have to add a little interest if you feel your outfit is a little on the plain side.

Wear it later.

A kimono is a great way to take the chill off your shoulders when it’s still too hot for a jacket or coat. The fabric will trap some heat near your body, keeping you that little bit warmer as we head into cooler weather.

Match back with a plain black dress, tights and ankle boots to add some POP to an Autumn look, or throw on over jeans and a tee if you are feeling a little “meh” with what you’re wearing.

2. The Nude Ankle Boot

The Nude Ankle Boot for autumn

Wear them now.

I love wearing nude ankle boots with bare legs and a little summer dress (like here, and here). I think they add a little hint of an Autumn look, without going the full-on black tights and boots.

These puppies are from Jo Mercer shoes in Aus and unfortunately are sold out in this colour, but check out THESE and THESE for other great options.

That’s why I’ve specifically said NUDE (or light) rather than black. Black can look a little heavy with some summer dresses, PLUS you have the added bonus of the nude blending into the rest of your leg (ish) and making them look longer!

Wear them later.

Ankle boots and jeans are a great casual option as it cools down. Again, the nude is a softer look against denim than black. And the short length isn’t as hot as a knee-length boot.

My stylist’s tip for wearing ankle boots with jeans? Cuff the jeans up so they sit at the top of your boot, rather than trying to tuck skinny jeans into them, like so…..

Disclaimer: not my legs 😉

3. The Shirt Dress

Shirt dress for Autumn

Wear it now.

Sandals, trainers (like I’m wearing with this St Frock number), any flat summer shoe will work with a shirt dress.

And like the kimono, a shirt dress is prefect for a little shoulder protection from the sun.

The shape (with the sleeve) also has a slightly more Autumnal feel to it, you don’t feel like you are wearing a SUMMER summer dress as the season changes to Autumn.

Wear it later.

Because of the sleeve action, a shirt dress is a GREAT trans-seasonal piece to take you into the cooler months.

As the temperature starts to drop, you start to layer. Tights and boots, a cami underneath, right through to your merino top and socks in the height of winter! THIS is a fave of mine from Portmans that will take you through the cooler months perfectly (it’s sold out online, but they assure me there are still HEAPS in stores!)

So three items to tide you over until the CHILL really hits! Stay tuned next week for a few more tips on how to transition your Summer Wardrobe to an Autumn one!

In the mean time, I’d love you to share some of your favourite trans-seasonal pieces in the comments below!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,