Do you have that list in your head?

“Shirt-dresses just aren’t my style….”

“nah, yellow is not my colour…”

“I don’t wear my hair up…”

You’re not the only one! I’ve got a list of things in my own head that I generally avoid, because they either don’t really work on my shape, they aren’t my best colours, or they don’t match my style personality.

But over and over again, I tell myself, and I tell my personal styling clients…


So those three statements above are things I’ve told myself in the past in regards to my style…. but I do love to also push myself out of my style comfort zone a little.

So here are three things I never wear….

1. Shirt-dresses

my internal reasoning: my Style Personality is feminine, edgy, elevated and I think for the longest time, I’ve just thought of shirt-dresses as too preppy for me. Too structured perhaps? But also buttons and busts are not always friends….

Enter this STUNNING dress I saw online from gorgeous Brisbane label, RicRac Road

But actually, it ticks ALL my Style Personality words! The gorgeous flowy fabric, and puff sleeve are super-feminine. The print feels edgy and bold and the style of the dress in general, particularly with the boots added, feels elevated.

It was love at first sight, even though, it’s on my list of ‘what I don’t wear”

2. Yellow – in general

For YEARS I’ve told myself, as a person who suits cooler tones better, that I can’t wear yellow. But recently, two things have happened;

Firstly, I’ve experimented more with colour myself, understanding that actually EVERY colour suits EVERY person, it’s just about getting the tone and intensity right.

Secondly, the right yellow for me has come back into fashion. Yes that really helps when you’re exploring new colours to wear. For years, the yellow that was more on-trend (and therefore, more available) was the warmer, mustard yellow.

So now that the perfect (for me) yellow is here, I can’t get enough….

I’m currently OBSESSED with these sunshine yellow pants from Heidi Frank (don’t worry, they are coming back into stock soon!) and this glorious Saben bag (old season sorry!).

Not only are they the perfect match to wear with each other, this yellow works perfectly with other bold colours I’m comfortable wearing, like this magenta pink.

3. I never wear my hair up.

This is a funny one. I recently had my hair cut shorter than I asked for, and it really threw me! I’ve always used my hair to really define that feminine element of my personal style, usually by wearing it out and adding waves, and all of a sudden, most of it was gone!

It took a few weeks to adjust, I felt like so much of my femininity had been taken away, but now, I slick it back more that I used to, but play up the feminine in other ways – red lips, floral prints, and just go about my style leaning into the shorter hair. (I’m totally growing it back though haha!)

So how do you wear things you’ve said you’d never wear?

First of all, you just commit to never saying never! It’s such a big part of my style mantra. I will never tell a client that they cannot wear something – if they want to wear *insert item such as jumpsuit here, then we will simply find them a jumpsuit that works for them!

The very first thing I work through with all my clients, is understanding your Style Foundations. These are three simple frameworks that we then base ALL our styling decisions ongoing forward.

Knowing your best colour palette, understanding your proportion and best bits of your body, and being clear on your own, unique Style Personality gives you clarity when you are trying new things, things that you thought perhaps, you couldn’t wear.

Knowing your Style Foundations means you can be more confident, and more direct when you’re looking for things that reflect your style, but also means you’ve got some parameters around trying things that might be more outside your comfort zone.

So, know I want to know, what are YOU going to try that you’ve said you’d “never” wear? Tell me in the comments below

Cait xo


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