If I had $1 for the number of times personal styling clients said to me…. “oh, but won’t horizontal stripes make me look fat?” or “my grandmother used to tuck her shirt in, isn’t that old-fashioned?” or something along those lines, well, I’d have a few extra dollars in my pocket.

There are so many fashion lies that we tell ourselves in our heads, that stop us wearing so many different cool things, so when NEON and SoHo told me about their upcoming new HBO drama, Big Little Lies, and asked me to write about some of the Big Little Lies in fashion, I jumped at the chance!

We hear these fashion “rules” that are perpetuated by our mothers, or magazines, or just mis-informed people and we start to believe them. But I’m calling bullshit on a few of these rules – so here are 5 Big Little Lies about fashion that just aren’t true.

1. Horizontal Stripes make you look fat

Probably the number 1 fashion lie we are told right? Guess what, horizontal stripes do NOT make you look fat! In fact, they can have quite the opposite effect!

Outfit notes: Portmans dress (several seasons old) similar one at Country Road $139.00 | Alias Mae heels $179.95

A stripe can act like a bit of a camouflage and help disguise all those little lumps and bumps (that no one else can see btw). If you still aren’t convinced, I wrote a WHOLE blog post about it a while back, you can read it here


2. Something has to be fitted to be flattering

I over-heard this in a change-room the other day. A lady was saying, about a dress that looked AMAZING on her, “but it’s not flattering on me, it’s not tight enough.“.

That made me stop and think – why does “flattering” have to mean “fitted”?

I’m all about getting clients to realise the bits they LOVE the most about their bodies and dressing to show them off, which doesn’t always means following the traditional “fashion rules” for body shapes.

fashion myths busted

Outfit notes: Charlo by Augustine Caitie Dress $ | Andrea Moore “Cruise” sunglasses $145 | Nine West “Alejandro heels on sale $50 | Madewell Transport Tote $250

For example: I’m your pretty typical hourglass shape, so the “rules” state I should always show off my waist.

But guess what, I actually like my legs, so this dress I’m wearing does define my waist, loosely, with a drawstring, but the FOCUS is on my legs – still flattering don’t you think?


3. You have to wear heels with a midi length skirt or dress

Ok, so heels are always going to make your legs look longer, but unless you are Victoria Beckham, you’re not going to wear them all day everyday right?

So bugger the rules and rock a midi-length with a flat! What’s going to happen? Nothing, except your feet aren’t going to hurt.

fashion myths busted

Outfit notes: Max basic scoop neck tee $49.99* | Asos animal print scuba skirt (old season but find similar here) | Saben Marley bag $425 ^| Converse trainers from The Iconic $100* |


4. You can’t wear white if you have kids

For a start, invest in some Sard Wonder Soap people! It works wonders on stains haha.

But really, I hear it SOOOOO much. “Oh, white looks so good on you, but I have kids, I’d just get dirty” Well guess what, I have a child, and two cats who love rolling in the dirt, and I’m a bit of a klutz when it comes to eating AND I STILL WEAR WHITE…. I just don’t wear it when I’m feeding/burping the baby, or cleaning the bathroom, or eating anything tomato-based.

Outfit notes: Sussan off-the-shoulder top (old season) | Witchery jeans (old season) | Emmie wears Teeny Weeny from Farmers (current sale season)

White is just as easy as any other colour to wear, and any other colour is just as likely to stain, so like I said, invest in some nappy san and wear white with reckless abandon!


5. I’m too old to wear that.

Really? In this day and age, when 50 is the new 30? I HATE it when people say this. Age is just a number.

If you feel good in something, wear it – there is no age-limit on skinny jeans, or leather jackets, or fabulous jewellery or having fun with trends.

Who cares what anyone else thinks. If you want to wear something, do it. Besides, what anyone else thinks of you is not your business.

Meet Iris Apfel, a style icon – she is 95. The end.



So there are just five of the many, many Big Little Lies about fashion I’ve heard from women over the last 15 years in the fashion industry, thwarted!

Fashion and style is about expressing yourself and having fun! Why would you let a silly little pack of lies stop you from doing that?

Speaking of Big Little Lies – make sure you watch HBO’s Big Little Lies on NEON and SoHo! I went to the preview screening earlier in the week and I am hooked!

Starring some of my fave Hollywood leading ladies Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern, as well as hotties, Alexander Skarsgård, Adam Scott, James Tupper (the gorgeous guy from Men in Trees!) form a stellar ensemble cast in this HBO mini-series, written and produced by David E. Kelley.

The subversive, darkly comedic drama tells the tale of three mothers of first graders, whose apparently perfect lives unravel to the point of murder…..


The New Zealand premiere of Big Little Lies is on SoHo on SKY 8.30pm Sunday 26 February, and it’s also available express on NEON from 27 February – if you don’t have NEON already, get started with a 30 day free trial here http://bit.ly/2lnIFUk


So! I want to you tell me what are the Big Little Lies in fashion that you don’t pay any attention to? Or, are there still fashion lies that you DO pay attention to? I’d love to know, tell me in the comments below

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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