Now I’m not normally one to point out the bad points in how people dress, I love to look at the GOOD in people’s style. But sometimes there are just some things that we ALL do that could be done a little better.

These are 5 fashion mistakes we all make (me included) but they are REALLY easy to fix, so I’m giving you the insider info on how to do that!

Here they are, do any of them ring a bell? That’s ok, I’ve got the goods to fix it in a jiffy!

1. Dressing to hide our body

This is probably the biggest fashion faux pas I see. We dress to hide the bits of our body we don’t like, when in actual fact, we need to be dressing to SHOW OFF the bits of our body we like the most!

Big, baggy clothes only make you look bigger! The trick to looking your best is to define your shape, no matter what it is. Embrace that gorgeous bod of yours, it’s the only one you’ve got!

Give these a whirl to show off your shape!

Fashion Faux Pas - show off your shape

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2. Not trying clothes on

Hands up if you’ve rushed into a store, bought something, then got it home only to discover it doesn’t REALLY look that great, but you can’t be bothered taking it back so you keep it, wear it, and feel average in it?

always try clothes on before you leave the store

always try clothes on before you leave the store

DON’T DO THAT anymore! You HAVE to try things on in a change room. And even more importantly, you have to try it on IN CONTEXT. Which means, if you intend to wear a high-waisted skirt with a blouse tucked in and with heels, try it on with a blouse tucked in and heels.

3. Below the knee hem with flats

A Fashion Faux Pas is often only a fashion faux pas because it makes us feel less than our best. My intention is never to judge or criticise, but if you don’t feel good in something then you need to change that and that’s what I’m here to do.

Heel heights and hem lines are so intrinsically linked and we often don’t pay it enough attention. The simple way to fix this fashion faux pas is simple, if a skirt or dress hem comes below your knee, try adding a heel. It will make your leg look longer, and you feel more stylish.

hem below the knee with heels


4. Following trends for trends sake

Just because something is “in fashion” doesn’t mean its right for you. Does it suit your body shape, style personality, lifestyle and even budget? If not, don’t wear it!

Stick to classic pieces that make you feel amazing, plus will stand the test of time. Like these puppies…..

Classic pieces, not trend pieces

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5. Cardigans.

Ok, so maybe I have my judge-y pants on a little here (but they are really nice pants!) and if you’ve ever met me, I’ve probably told you this already. There is NO situation where a cardigan is the best option. If you feel frumpy and un-stylish, chances are it’s partly because you’re wearing a cardigan.

My biggest gripe with them? They don’t show off your GORGEOUS shape! They do all the wrong things to your amazing body in all the wrong ways. So unless you’re at home chilling on the couch (or walking to the letter box) ditch the cardi for one of these other options.

non-cardigan options for jackets

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So as you can see, they really aren’t that bad, and they are ONLY Faux Pas if you don’t feel your best, remember that. Style is what you make of it, so if you feel good in what you are wearing, chances are you’ll look good too!

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Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always



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