Are you a morning person? I certainly am not! Never have been – so anything I can do the night before to get myself ready for the morning is a godsend!

I”m that person running around like a mad chook 5 minutes before I need to leave, looking for my necklace, trying to eat my breakfast AND apply my mascara all the same time, only because I choose that extra 20 minutes to snooze….. you too?

Well I’ve got TWO things in this one blog post you are going to love! Some simple tips, PLUS a giveaway!

Thanks to Esteé Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules, specially designed to help reduces daily stresses on your skin, I’ve got 5 night-time style rituals that will make your mornings so much easier!

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PLUS you can win yourself a course of these amazing little pockets full of goodness just for sharing your best tip too (see below)

But first, my top 5 tricks…..

Clean Your Room. I know I sound like your mother, but take if from one that has a LOT of clothes! The more organised your wardrobe is, the less stressful getting dressed everyday becomes. Put your clothes and shoes away when you take them off, don’t leave it to the weekend when you have to wade through a massive pile.

Get inspired. Sick of all your clothes and feel un-inspired when you DO go to get dressed? Then it’s time to re-kindle the JOY of style! Rather than watching yet another episode of Real Housewives of OC (you know you do it), why not jump on Pinterest, or a few everyday style blogs and look for cool and interesting outfit combos you could try yourself.

This will give you a few fresh ideas for the next morning (or you could even get your outfit ready the night before… see my next point)

Choose Your Shoes. Now some people like to choose their whole outfit for the next day to make the morning less stressful, which is AWESOME, but if you are like me and tend to rely a little on that “I’ll see how I feel” mentality of getting dressed, at least CHOOSE YOUR SHOES the night before.

Think about what you are doing the next day – does it require lots of walking? (start with your Converse), is it going to be raining? (long boots are a good option), or are you heading out for drinks that night? (then pack those heels baby!). I often start my outfit with my shoes and work from there, and I find is helps dictate the rest of the look.

Organise Your Wardrobe – and keep it that way. This is one of the biggest things I do to help my 1-on-1 personal styling clients – get their wardrobe in shape so they can SEE everything! If your wardrobe is organised, it makes like SO much easier to find things, and you don’t have to remember what you own, you just look in the “jeans section” and all your jeans are there!

So don’t be scared to use one night a month to do a quick clean up and sort through your wardrobe, making sure it’s in tip-top shape for not only the next morning (when you’re sleep-filled eyes might not see that jacket as easily if your wardrobe is messy), but also for the next few weeks!

Pack Your Bag – I should do this more than I should, but cleaning out your handbag (and making sure that you have the right size/colour/style for the next day) is a really quick and useful thing to do at night.

Get all those lipsticks off the bottom and put them back into your makeup collection, pull out that discarded scarf/necklace that you took off last week and couldn’t find the other day when you wanted to wear it.

And then make sure that you’ve got everything you need for tomorrow in the right handbag, so all you have to do is grab it on the way out the next morning, genius right?

Now take the stress out of your skin too!

So like I mentioned earlier, the team at Esteé Lauder have come up with an intense treatment to help take the stress out of your SKIN. Stressed skin can make your look tired and can age you (we don’t want that do we) so by using these little ampoules EVERY NIGHT for 2 weeks,  you can help calm, repair and destress your skin.

Estee Lauder ANR Ampoules

These amazing little ampoules are available now (RRP $198) and they come in a jar of 60 so you get several courses of treatment in one jar. Visit the website to find a counter close to you.


How amazing do these little miracle-workers sound! And now your chance to win your very own treatment!


Simply give me YOUR best night-time style ritual that makes your life less stressful in the mornings. Pop your answer in the comments below to enter. T’s & Cs below.

I can’t wait to hear your tips! I hope you’ve found mine helpful too

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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