Feel like you’ve fallen into the jeans rut? You’re not alone! It’s a common complaint I hear from personal styling clients all the time!

Let’s face it, jeans are easy, they go with everything, and they kinda do the job everyday. BUT if you want to change it up, there are definitely HEAPS of different options that you can chose, no matter what your lifestyle or budget.

Let’s have a look at 5 different pairs of pants that aren’t jeans, that will help you add some variety to your everyday style.

5 pants that aren't jeans


The Coloured Jegging – Just Jeans $89.95

Like the jeans look but sick of blue? These are perfect for you then! They are pretty much a jean in another colour, but the different colours give you more variety in your wardrobe (plus they work back nicely with your denim jacket because no double denim -woot woot!)

I love the khaki colour, but you can look for this type of pant in grey, navy, brown, taupe, white or black too.

The Draped Pant – Decjuba $59.95

You know this style of pant is a fave of mine! They are great for mixing up the proportions of what you would probably usually wear (ie. jeans and a loose top).

And YES they will suit your shape, it’s just a matter of finding the right cut. I love these drop-crotch ones from Decjuba (great price too!). Pair them back with a plain tee + denim jacket + trainers, or as it gets colder, a knit and ankle boots – make the pants the statement!

The Ponte Pant – Glassons $29.95

Nothing like a good ponte pant in Winter! They are nice and thick to keep your legs warm, they are supre-stretchy which makes them really comfortable to wear, and, just like the rest of these pants, they are a great alternative to jeans.

Now the trick with ponte pants is that they are borderline NOT pants (they are more like a thick legging) so make sure you pop them with a top that you feel is long enough (like this one from Max).

The Corduroy Pants – Country Road $139

I was really excited to see these in store the other day, I love a bit of texture to mix things up (plus there are some lovely colours available in these particular pants). Corduroy might make you feel like you are regressing to childhood (anyone else a child of the 80’s?) but the cut and slight stretch in these pants give them a great updated look.

Once again, if you don’t want to stray too far from the jeans look, these are a great alternative!

The Bengaline Pants – Max $79.99

If you read my recent post on The Best Pants Ever, you’ll know what I’m talking about, this is basically another version of them.

Bengaline is a great fabric, because like ponte, it has some stretch, but also has some structure so you can actually wear them as pants! I love this style of pant because you can dress it up and down. They are dressy enough for most work-places, but also look great with a tee and trainers on the weekend. They are actually the perfect ‘smart/casual’ pant.

Pants not jeans

So there you have it my loves! FIVE, not three, or four, FIVE different pant alternatives to jeans – so many options, now you just need to choose where to start.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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