Ok, I know all you Aussies are sweating your butts off over there but sadly, it’s not quite that warm here in NZ yet (I really wish it was!)

It’s still chilly enough that most of the time, 2 layers are still required (in fact I have an app that tells me that!)

But what should those layers be?!

That’s a great question reader. In fact, one of the gorgeous girls at my husband’s work asked me about some good ideas for lighter weight jackets, so this post is at your request Makena.

I’ve done all the leg-work for you (ie. trawled the internet for hours for you) and I’ve come up with 5 different light weight jackets that will still give you arm-coverage, and keep that pesky wind (or sun if it’s getting really hot) off, but still keep you feeling stylish.

So here they are, plus WHY they are awesome!

Lightweight jackets

SHOP THE JACKETS: Asos bomber $55 | Just Jeans denim jacket $89.95 | Max light trench $139.99 | Boohoo.com kimono $20 | Witchery linen blazer $209.90

The bomber jacket  The cool kid on the block, a bomber always looks great with jeans, but try throwing it on over a dress to add a little edge to a feminine look. Look for a cool print or pattern, it’s a great way to jazz up a simple plain colour (ie black) dress.

The denim jacket You might have seen this post last week about how to style a denim jacket at any age. It pretty much says it all. They are SUCH a great lightweight jacket option no matter what your shape or size.

The light weight trench I’m also loving this style for Spring. It has the look of a heavier coat (if that’s what you want) but it’s much lighter in weight, plus not as bulky!

Pick a colour that you like, and are going to get lots of wear out of (like this one of mine from Glassons), and then start layering it over everything! Easy as that!

The Kimono This is my pick for the upcoming Spring/Summer (I know I keep saying that, but let’s be honest, why stop at one jacket!). Lightweight, fun, and relaxed. Pop it over a dress for a causal weekend look (like this), or glam up a skinny pants and tee for work or play. Choose colours and prints (or plains) that appeal to you.

If you are smaller in stature, you can certainly still rock a kimono, just look for one that doesn’t have so much fulness in it, shorter in length and without the tassels and bells etc.

The blazer An old faithful in my wardrobe, a blazer is a GREAT way to lift any look, without having to fully dress up. Whack one on with jeans and a tee, add some heels and you’re good to go pretty much anywhere.

I also love using blazers to give shape to dresses and tops that feel a little shapeless. I love this linen one from Witchery because it doesn’t seem as formal as some of the more classic options out there.


Bonus Styling tip: always try a few different sizes in your jackets, your normal size might not always be the best option. I almost ALWAYS go down a size in a jacket as I want it to fit my back and shoulders, and not worry too much about doing it up over my bust (that ain’t going to happen anyway haha!)

Sorted! A jacket for every occasion this Spring. What’s your fave? 

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,