Over Christmas, me, the hubby, the tiny human and the bump headed back over the ditch to Brisbane to spend it with my family.

It was a lovely time to be away, and get some downtime, but as always, my little fashion brain was ticking away, watching what everyone was wearing, and after about 2 days back in the Sunshine State it hit me.

These ladies have STYLE!

It was the kind of style I miss here in New Zealand, not that I don’t love our style just as much….

But there was so much colour, and print and fun on display! Women of all ages, sizes, and shapes were rocking maxi dresses, statement earrings and skin! So much lovely, golden tan skin (again, from ALL ages) on display.

It really got me thinking. These gorgeous Brisbanites just aren’t afraid of silly little things like arms, and knees – I mean, it’s actually just too bloody hot to care most of the time!

But I think there really is a style lesson (of 5, as I’m about to tell you) we can all learn from these gorgeous country-women of mine – who cares? Just wear what you love right!!

So here are 5 style lessons we can all learn from dressing like a Queenslander.


1. They are just arms. We’ve all got them, so don’t worry so much about them!

I can’t even tell you how many gorgeous women I saw, walking around in gorgeous summer dresses…. with no sleeves! (insert shocked face emoji here).

Yup, they just get over it. For me, it’s the biggest lesson we can take from our QLD cousins. If you like a dress, and it shows your arms (or your knees, or your ankles, or your legs etc etc) who bloody cares! Just wear it!

I see so many personal styling clients who restrict their style choices SO MUCH by their insecurities that no one else would even be paying any attention to.

So go on, make like a Queenslander and get those arms out! (of course, a little fake tan can go a loooong way – Little Honey is my top pick, it works a treat!)


GET THE LOOK: Kmart NZ sunnies $9 | Seed Heritage clutch $59.90 | Merchant 1948 slides $129.90 | Cait & Co maxi dress $99.00


2. Black has no place in your Summer wardrobe

Everywhere I looked in Brisbane, people were wearing every colour under the sun – except for black! Yup, it was a nice change for my eyes haha

And yes, it’s hot, so black doesn’t make as much sense, but come on – we do rely too much on it as a colour here, and there are sooooo many other pretty colours and prints around, so why no ditch the black for Summer (I’m making a concerted effort to add more colour back into my wardrobe too).

Here are some other cool “Queensland-ish” options

SHOP THE COLOURS: Jericho Road Clothing print dress from Cait & Co $199Gorman “Moondance” shirt dress (on sale) $159.20 | French Connection Frill Sleeve jumpsuit $169.95

3. Birkenstocks come in EVERY colour

I kid you not. This started off as a joke between my mum and I (mainly because last summer I bought some ridiculously neon pink ones which I STILL love) but then I started looking, and actually! They are the shoe of the summer.

But really, it was more a nod to wearing ANY shoe of colour – you know, to go with all those colourful dresses!

SHOP THE SHOES: Instagram Inspo from Karla Cola | 1. Hey Monday by Augustine heels $149.25 | 2. Frankie4Footwear “Hilary” sandal in Palm Print $149.95 ^ | 3. Seed fringe sandal 99.95 on sale | 4. Merchant 1948 “Serpent” high heel on sale $149.90


4. Casual can be stylish

The Queensland “uniform” this summer seemed to be the perfect mix of comfortable, casual, yet stylish (the golden triangle right?).

The formula seems to be a gorgeous dress of some description, + metallic sandals + statement earrings (with a bonus bold lip if you’re feeling particularly adventurous that day)

There are two main tricks to nailing this look;

1 – the metallic (or bright coloured) sandals elevated the look, no rubber jandals here ladies, good equality, fancy sandals seemed to do it.

2 – Hair & makeup were polished. It’s bloody hot in Brisbane over summer, so I saw quite a few ladies with their hair slicked back into a low (or high) pony, and generally just kept off their face (and neck, and shoulders – did I mention the humidity??).

And like I said, a bright, lip or a bit of mascara and BB cream just made the outfit look finished (I’m not talking full face here – it would just slide off!)

Here’s an example…

SHOP THE CASUAL STYLE: Jacqui E linen dress $129.95 | Colette by Colette Hayman earrings $16.99 | Merchant 1948 “Lydia” casual sandal $79.90 on sale | Bobbi Brown “Flame” red lipstick from Farmers $64


5. You’re body is what it is – embrace it!

What more can I say ladies! This is definitely the biggest lesson we can all take from those fabulously gorgeous Queenslanders…

There are too many other things in life (like that fact that it’s going to 38 degrees and 96% humidity on Christmas Day) to spend all this time worrying about if our knees are too “knee-ish” or if our bum looks big (news flash – you can’t see your bum, so don’t worry about what it looks like, it’s not your problem!).

Queenslanders are so good at enjoying the fun side of fashion, so much colour and print and gorgeousness!

Now I’m not saying that we all have to dress exactly the same, but sometimes we just need a little reminder of how fabulous we can actually be if we have a little more fun with our style right?

Images courtesy of Bonita Kaftans Facebook Page (yet another awesome Queensland label)


So thoughts? Do you want a little more colour and print (and arm) in your life? Or are you happy sticking with the NZ standard of navy and white stripes (with a little black) haha!

Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!
Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always


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