Yep, I said it. I’m good for your bank account.

Often people think that working with a stylist is going to cost them a lot of money, and I get it, times are tight – time to pull on the old purse strings and save.

But what if I told you, that working with a stylist (me) will actually SAVE you money in the long run, I’m actually a good investment, both in yourself, and in your wardrobe.

Here’s why:

1. We’ll do our homework before we even it the shops

The VERY first thing I do with every 1:1 client is to get an understanding your unique Style Foundations, a combination of your best colours, body type and proportions and individual style personality.

These become the foundations on which we then base every single style decision going forward.

For my clients, it means no more random purchases that don’t work into their wardrobe, no more doubting if something suits them, no more panic buying for events.

Understanding your Style Foundations leads to SMARTER purchasing decisions, and therefore less mistakes, aka less money spent and wasted.

2. We’ll use what you’ve got already in a better way

I LOVE getting the most out of clothes, and showing my clients how to get more versatility out of what they already have is step one for me.

In a client wardrobe audit, we’ll have a look at what is already in your wardrobe, and I’ll show you different ways to get more use out of the clothes already there. We then make a very focused list to not only fill the gaps, but also double how we can use what’s already in the wardrobe.

I make sure it actually happens by creating a photobook of outfits for clients to refer back to, that way, even if you aren’t sure, they have a reference point on how to wear things several different ways.

You’ll have to shop less than you think if you can see the use in what you already have.

3. I’ll make you question your choices

I have a set of ‘shopping rules” I go through with my 1:1 clients when we are shopping to make sure no random, impulse purchases sneak in.

We can get a “shoppers high” sometimes, a serotonin spike that happens when we start swiping the credit card, that can sometimes block our vision on what we’re trying to achieve.

I make sure my clients are making the right decision when it comes to new purchases, even if that means saying not to something that might seem like a good idea at the time,

4. You’ll have the knowledge to shop smarter

Working with me, I’ll teach you how to shop on your own in a more efficient and effective way. Using your Style Foundations framework, we’ll make sure all your new purchases will give you the most bang for buck.

You want to buy things that are going to give you value for money, and my job is to help you do that.

5. I get us good discounts

Now I DO love a bargain, but I also don’t advocate shopping in sales JUST for the discount.

However, many of the amazing places I take my clients to, give us a very generous discount, so not only are you getting new pieces that you love, and that will work really well for you, we are saving a nice little bit of cash on the side too.

BONUS: you don’t have to book the top package 1:1 to work with me and start saving money!

I’ve got HEAPS of free content on Instagram and Facebook, you can buy my eBooks for less that $30 each, and you can get unlimited access to my expertise and help in The Style Circle, my online styling membership.

So it should be not a question of IF you can work with me, it’s a question of HOW

Cait xo


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