I originally published this post two years ago – but every word rings true today!


Style Coaching isn’t just for the rich and famous any more! Anyone can use a style coach / personal stylist and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either!


For me, style coaching is about education.In fact, that is why I use the term “Style Coach”. I want to help you learn what clothes suit you, your lifestyle and your budget, but more importantly, I want to give you the tools to go out and find the right clothes for yourself in the future!

So to explain in more depth, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a style coach:

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Hands up if you have EVER said… ‘but I have NOTHING TO WEAR’ in a whingy voice when trying to get ready for a night out? Don’t worry, my hand is up too. As a style coach, I can help you ‘shop your own wardrobe’ to solve this problem.

Often we don’t have the time, energy, or care to really think about what pieces go together in our wardrobes – a personal stylist will be able to show a whole new bunch of options for everything you already have in your wardrobe.

Thought that blazer was just for work? Turns out you can roll the sleeves up and wear it casually with a pair of jeans and a tee. Or that little summer dress that you normally just wear with sandals on the weekend? Add a blazer, black opaque tights and some black pumps and you have a hot winter date-night frock.

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OK, so it might be on trend, and they might be comfortable – but seriously people – PUT ON SOME REAL PANTS – leggings do not count! I don’t believe in wearing a trend just because it’s a trend – if it doesn’t suit your body shape, or colouring, or age – DON’T DO IT!

The secret to looking amazing is to wear clothes that fit and flatter your shape, a personal stylist can help you find a style that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Lazy dressing can also manifest in leggings as pants (or UGG boots outside – another big no no!). A personal stylist can help you find other alternatives that you can just throw on as you run out the door, but help you look and feel a little more put together.

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Knowing your body shape makes shopping SO MUCH EASIER (most of the time). If you know that you are a pear shape, then you know that a pencil skirt, or skinny jeans are not really going to do you any favours.

Mostly these body shapes are just a guide – not everyone fits exactly into the four shapes I work with (Hourglass, Pear, Apple and Column) but it’s a place to start. You can also be a hybrid of two shapes, so you might have to dress using a combination of shapes.

Dressing for your shape means that your best attributes will always be highlighted and the bits you maybe aren’t so keen on, will be hidden from view! For more information on body shapes, click here.

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A personal shopper can take the pain out of shopping if you see it more as a chore than a fun thing to do. When I’m shopping with a client, I will try and go for a quick scout around the area first so I can search each store for what I am looking for. This saves time when I’m with my client as we are not standing around in stores no knowing where to start.

Do you find shopping overwhelming? Too much choice? A personal shopping can help you shopper smarter by only taking you to stores that are going to suit your shape, age, lifestyle and budget. By shopping with a personal stylist, you are on a mission, you have focus, but you also have the stylist as a buffer for all the things that make you cringe – bad sales assistants, in-decision, and too many choices! You might even have fun (gasp!)

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Sometimes we all just need a little help – seriously – leggings are NOT pants and UGG boots do NOT belong outside! Ok, so hopefully you aren’t that bad, but sometimes someone with a little experience can steer you in the right direction if you are a little clueless.

You might think that fashion and style is a waste of time and you have far more important things to worry about (job, kids, partner etc) but your personal style is SUCH a reflection of who you are on the inside. But putting in a little effort with your style, you show people that you respect yourself enough to make and effort, but that you also respect them! 

With a one-on-one style session, I'll help you feel amazing with the body and wardrobe you already have! Read More ».

With a one-on-one style session, I’ll help you feel amazing with the body and wardrobe you already have! Read More ».

A personal stylist can teach you how to put together a stylish look with very little time and effort. They can help you learn what clothes and accessories are appropriate for your body shape, work environment, and age, what certain dress-codes mean, and how to be more organised with your wardrobe in order to make getting dressed every day less of a drama!

So does any of this sound like you? Would you like to re-invent your style? Or do you just want to feel better about your self this year? 

If you are in Auckland, you can book a personal styling session with ME!

Click here for more information on what I do, and how to book

If you are anywhere else, feel free to email me caitlin@chasingcait.com and I will see if I can recommend any great stylists in your area!

In Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo