Usually when we talk about style icons, names like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe come up, but I’ve got a slightly different take on the term “style icon” for this blog….

I’m talking about things that you may (or may not) have in your wardrobe that never date. They are things you can pull out at any time, any age for any occasion and you look good and you FEEL great in them!

Now I’m never going to do one of those “5 things EVERY girl needs” because, let’s face it, we all have different needs and tastes when it comes to style…. BUT when Estée Lauder asked me to try their iconic Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, their iconic “beauty sleep in a bottle”, it got me thinking about other iconic things that can help you look and feel more stylish everyday too.

I’ve picked 5 things that, over years and years of working with women, I’ve noticed have a place in almost everyone’s wardrobe. These are things that are worth investing in, because they will last the test of time.

Let’s have a look at what they are (and why I’ve chosen them);



Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II from $132

This iconic product is basically beauty sleep in a bottle! Simply apply every night and wake up with more beautiful, nourished, younger-looking skin. nighttime is the BEST time to take care of your skin and Estée Lauder has totally capitalized on this by targeting skin’s natural nighttime catabolysis (cellular repair process) and bolstering it with Advanced Night Repair, their #1 selling repair serum. This little bottle is the first thing I reach for when getting ready for bed, and my skin thanks me the next day.

Trelise Cooper Bounty Duster Coat $335

Who said icons have to be boring! Rather than just going for a safe black coat, if you find a printed coat you fall in love with, it can be a piece that you have for decades in your wardrobe!

I love this print, and the colours allow you to wear it with black and white! Team it back over jeans and a tee for daytime, or pair it with a LBD for a glamorous nighttime look.

 Pandora stack rings various RRPs

They really are a girls best friend right? Everyone should have at least one piece of diamond jewellery in their wardrobe. I love the look of these stacking rings, and what’s even better is that you (or others) can just keep adding to the collection!

Sacha Drake dress $229

The beauty of a style icon like the Little Black Dress is that you get to choose the shape and style YOU like! It really is the one item that EVERYONE actually should have in their wardrobe.

There isn’t really any occasion when a little black dress doesn’t work, especially if you find one in a versatile fabric like this jersey, that can be dressed up and down.

I love Sacha Drake dresses (in case you didn’t notice already) because they are so timeless in their design, so they will stay in your wardrobe, and get worn over and over, for years to come.

Kathryn Wilson heels $399

A fabulous shoe doesn’t have to be a bright and bold shoe, but I think its more fun when it is! I love the style of this Kathryn Wilson heel, it’s very classic, but the pop of bright colour makes it a little more fun! It’s also a versatile heel that could be worn day or night! Definitely a piece worth investing in.

Iconic style pieces are often over-looked when we are all interested in the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to beauty and style. But these five things are definitely worth investing in and adding to your arsenal don’t you think?

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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