Umm brrrrrrrr anyone? Winter in no longer coming, it’s well and truly here right?

And if you are anything like me, all I can think about when I’m getting dressed in the morning is “what is going to get me the warmest, the quickest!” Sometimes I feel like all thoughts of style go right out the door!

Sound familiar? I’m sure I’m not the only one! So I wanted to share with you a few of my quick tricks to keep your style rocking in Winter!

1. Keep your core warm

This doesn’t sound really sexy, BUT I tell you what, this little baby has saved my style for the last 4 NZ winters! The merino is blended with silk so makes it extra-soft and easy to wear next to your skin and because it’s so fine, it doesn’t add any BULK. I find I don’t have to wear a full length merino jersey because the quality of this is so good! HIGHLY recommended.

layerupforwinter_merino cami

SHOP THE CAMI: Kathmandu merino/silk blend cami $47.99 (For summit club members)

2. Buy a REALLLLLLY nice pair of boots

You know I’m all about finding great, affordable fashion, but some things I think are worth investing in. Especially if you are anything like me and LOVE boots in Winter!

A great pair of leather boots will last you years and years (if you look after them) plus if you LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes you have to wear everyday (because its cold and rainy and they are the only shoes you can wear your big, thick winter socks under) then how much more fun is getting dressed everyday going to be!

Invest in boots you loveSHOP THE BOOTS: Mi Piaci “Sandro” ankle boots from Mi Piaci $330

3. Add a pop of colour to your lips!

This is such a common “quick fix” in a lot of fashion articles, but I think that’s because it’s true! Just by adding a pop of colour on your lips in Winter (especially when we wear SOOO much black!), is a great way to lift both your mood, and your look.

I LOVE these lip glosses from Eleanor Dorn Makeup, their staying power is OUT OF THIS WORLD! (plus she’s a really nice chick!) PLUS if you are a StyleMe Member, you get 15% off all Eleanor Dorn Makeup!

SHOP FOR YOUR LIPS: Eleanor Dorn Lips glosses $32 each

4. Don’t default to black

I know this is easy to do, but if black is not your fave colour the rest of the year, then why wear it just because it’s winter! There are so many other colours around the winter so make the most of them. It can be in a coat, in a scarf, or even a pair of shoes, but don’t forget to embrace the colour even in the cold months!

Dont forget colour in winter

SHOP THE RAINBOW: Andrea Moore coat $795 | Portmans knit $59.95 | Raspberry dragonfly scarf from The Chasing Cait Shop $29 

5. Top it off

Hats are SO under-rated for Winter. Not only do they keep your head warm, they add a little spunk to any outfit.

So want to know the trick to wearing a cool hat? PUT IT ON YOUR HEAD! Just give it a go! Like my girl Kendi here (from my FAVE fashion blog, Kendi Everyday), anyone can rock a hat (or a beanie, or a beret) in Winter, you just need to try.

Hats for winter

SHOP THE HAT: Similar one from Glassons here for $34.99

So there you have a few ways to beat the Winter Style Blues! There are so many gorgeous reasons to love Winter dressing (boots, coats, boots….) so we may as well embrace it for the next 6-8 months right?

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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