Today, Thursday March 8th is International Women’s Day. I’m guessing your Facebook feed, like mine, is full of girl power quotes and images (yeah girl power) celebrating women and their contributions to the world.

So it got me thinking about what kind of blog I wanted to write today. And also got me thinking about how I feel about being a women in 2018.

Can I be honest? I’m a little overwhelmed actually.

At 32 weeks pregnant, with an 18 month old and the sole owner/operator of a business, I feel like there is so much pressure to be an awesome mum + wife + girlboss + perfectly manicured + with a fantastic instagram feed + kids playing the right games + eating the right food + at the ‘cool’ event + never cranky + hair always washed + the list goes on right?

And I’m sure you might feel like sometimes I add to that pressure. Let me assure you that is NEVER my intention.

Number one is all about helping you feel happy JUST AS YOU ARE and I really hope that message comes across more often than not.

And maybe I need to take some of my own advice. (this also may just be the pregnancy hormones talking).

So THIS International Women’s Day, I wanted to share just five simple tips to show yourself a little extra love, and to remind you that you are AMAZING and POWERFUL and LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL just as you are.


Tip # 1: Turn off the noise.

I sat on my couch this morning and just drank a whole cup of coffee in silence. I didn’t have the TV on. I didn’t pick up my phone. The tiny human was at daycare, and I didn’t just carry it downstairs to my office and start working as I sipped away.

I just sat. And drank. And used that time to enjoy the silence.

I may not be something we have the time or the space to do everyday, but every now and then, just enjoy the quiet.


Tip # 2: Get your nails did.

This is one of those little things that just makes me feel lovely. And trust me, I totally get that it slips as a priority as life gets busier.

I’d been putting it off for a few weeks and just got them did on Tuesday. I feel like a new women! (even with un-washed hair in a mum-bun, and preggo tummy poking out the bottom of literally everything I wear haha!)

Sometimes we need to schedule that time for ourselves and make it a priority.


Tip # 3: Talk yourself UP, not down.

Try and limit the negative self talk about your body, even the internal chatter.

Challenge yourself to go ONE WEEK without saying or thinking anything negative about how you look. Or if you think it, turn it around to a positive.

The way to be happy with your body is to EMBRACE it for what it is, and what it’s done. Not to constantly try and change it to make yourself feel better. That’s not to say don’t eat well and exercise, just don’t beat yourself up for not looking ‘perfect” – there is no such thing, but at the same time, we are ALL perfect as we are!


Tip # 4: Buy yourself something because you love it. Not because you need it

How many times have you put something back on the rack because it’s not “practical”. Or you spend all your time and money on your kids.

If you’ve got money in the budget, then don’t be scared to treat yourself every now and then! Why not even tie in a quick shopping trip with your nail appointment, take a whole few hours to yourself! The world won’t fall down around you.

Come on ladies, buy the damn jacket – it looks fabulous!


Tip # 5: Gather your girl tribe

Need some positive vibes? (yeah, me too) then hang out with the people that give you them in buckets!

Plan a dinner with your girl-tribe, or set up a shared work space once a week with like-minded girl bosses.

My life (as I’m sure yours does too) seems to revolve around my wee little family  – which is amazing and I love them to bits. But I really do miss my gal pals. And every time I catch up with them, we all say we should do it more, but we really should do it more.

There is something about feeding off your gal pals that makes you feel like you can conquer the world! (so I’m putting my gal-pals on notice, expect a dinner invite from me soon ladies! I miss you)

Plus, what an awesome excuse to frock up!


I just wanted to say thank you ladies. Thank you for making me write this post (because, you know, I have to write you a post every Monday and Thursday and this is just what came to mind today.)

Thank you for giving me an outlet to share how I feel (even though this isn’t the usual). I actually feel like I will take some of my own advice now too haha

Thank you for reading my posts. For appreciating the thoughts and advice that I offer, and for just being you – an amazing, independent, strong, powerful, beautiful woman. No matter who you are, or what you look like, or what you do for a living – you got this.


In Love & Style Always,