Have you seen this yet? If you haven’t, do your self a favour and watch, I’ll wait……..

Classic right?

What was even more perfect was that a gorgeous reader sent me a note about how/when/why (ok, I added the why) to wear activewear recently so the timing of this video couldn’t have been better!

I’m not going to lie. I’m not a massive fan of ‘wearing gym clothes when you’re going out on public and not going to the gym’  I think that you can be comfortable and maintain a level of dress that shows that you not only respect yourself, but you respect the people who you are interacting with.

SO! At the request of my lovely reader, here are 3 ‘activewear’ outfits that you could throw on instead of your tights and over-sized top and feel just as comfy and look great too.


SHOP THE LOOK: The Warehouse tee $20 | Decjuba bengaline pants $129.95 | Witchery watch $109.90 | Adidas trainers from The Iconic $130

You want comfy? You got it! These pants from Decjuba are actually called “the best pants ever” and they come pretty close. They are like wearing tights without actually wearing tights. They are cropped enough at the ankle to be ok with trainers so get your activewear fix in on your feet.

Relaxed pants-activewear

SHOP THE LOOK: Boohoo.com denim jacket $45 | Merchant trainers $109.90 | Country Road Active tank $79.90 | CottonOn Body harem pants $34.95 (2 for $45 in store now in NZ)

If tights in public aren’t your thing but you still want to get in on the activewear look, these pants are a great start (I have two pairs! In fact I’m wearing one writing this blog). Pair them with a more fitted top, but dress them down with your trainers and you’ll be a comfy as, but looking styley too!

oversized knit_activewear

SHOP THE LOOK: CottonOn Body tights $29.95 | Decjuba knit $95.95 | Blue Bungalow necklace $39 | Country Road trainers $89.90

if you DO really want to wear tights I’m not going to stop you (just remember they aren’t really pants now are they). Make sure you’ve got something long enough to cover your bits and pieces and you could make them look less gym-like with some non-gym shoes, like these trainers, and use a necklace (or scarf) to break up the fullness in the oversize knit.

See? Looking comfy and stylish in your activewear, activewear (watch the video and you’ll get it)

Until Next Time, In Style & Love Always,