I originally published this post a while back, but thought it was a great one for now!

Now you know I LOVE an ankle boot (this blog post is proof) and one of the easiest ways to transition into your Winter wardrobe is to start rocking your ankle boots, but not submitting to the tights yet!

I’ve got a couple of tips on how to pull off the Ankle Boots + Bare Legs look (and it has nothing to do with your legs!

1.  Your Hem Length Is Important

Because ankle boots WILL cut you off a little higher up your leg, you hem needs to be a little higher up your leg also.

high hems_ankle boots

Anything over the knee, or around your calf might make your legs feel a little stumpy, so try going with a slightly higher hemline.

Or! if you really want to wear a longer hemline, make sure it’s super-fitted. Or ever better, make sure it’s a dress – the dress creates a long line down your body, so it doesn’t matter so much that the ankle boots might cut you off a little.


2. Fake Tan is your friends

If your legs are anything like mine, they might need a little help in the colour department after 6 months of hibernation. Re-acquaint them with a razor, and slather the fake tan on and you’ll feel like getting your legs out every day!

3. Start with nude – then progress to black

Nude shoes of any kind are always going to be flattering (they lengthen the look of your leg by “blending in”) so a nude ankle boot is no exception.

nude boots

Try matching the nude to your skin tone (if you have a cool-tone skin, try a pink-based nude, if you have a warm skin tone, try a yellow-base), again, it goes back to creating a seamless line.

Once you’ve got the nude look down pat, have a go with black! It creates a more dominant contrast so make sure you’ve got a dark colour on top too to match it.

4. Look for a neat fit around your ankle

How and where your boots fit around your ankle is important too – you want boots that are a neat fit on your leg, without too much gap around your ankle.

You’re trying to create a streamline look up your leg, so anything that breaks up your leg-line, like a loose-fitting boot, will stop that happening.

5. Always accessorise with Animals

kidding. I just had to show you how cute my two fur babies are! (I even matched them to my outfits! Totes not on purpose of course…..)

ankle boots and kittens

And just incase you STILL haven’t nabbed yourself a pair, here are a few of my faves in stores right now.

best of the boots

SHOP THE SHOES (l-r): Alias Mae “Camille” boots $249.95 | Sol Sana “fox” boots $179 from StyleTread | Rubi shoes cut out boots $49.95

Ankle boots really are a girls best friend. One of those essential pieces that will give your wardrobe versatility and longevity.

How do you wear yours?

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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