Whoa, two beauty posts in two weeks! What is going on! Don’t worry, I’m not turning into a beauty blog, I’ve just been lucky enough to try a few different products recently and thought I’d share my new discoveries with you on the blog.

So this week we are talking about Moana Organic Skincare.


Moana is a certified organic, bioactive and cosmeceutical skincare range which is made in New Zealand, and that features Marine Glycans from native NZ red seaweed. Sounds impressive, but what does that mean?

So according to the lovely peeps at Moana, the red seaweed glycans act as a highly effective brightening agent, helping successfully against pigmentation caused by sun damage, hormonal changes and ageing – I’m a fan of that, given that I’m trying to even out my skin tone before the upcoming wedding!! (eeeee only 9 months to go! Sorry, sidebar)

Their products are also certified organic, bioactive and free of harsh chemicals, contains ingredients which are eco-harvested or collected in an environmentally friendly way and NOT tested on animals – at all.

How can you NOT love them. 

So here are the products that the team suggeted would work best on my oliy/combination skin.

Moana products

What I’ve got: (l) Pure Drop of Youth Serum $125 – click to buy, (top r) Pure Drop of Youth Renew Day Cream $99 – click to buy, (bottom r) Pure Drop of Youth Moisturiser $79 – click to buy.

My routine goes – wash face as normal day and night. Apply Serum both morning and night, and apply Renew Day Cream after the serum in the mornings and apply the Moisturiser after the serum at night. You only need a pea-sized drop of each product so they last a long time!

So have I seen any results? DEFINITELY! My skin has always been tricky, even at the best of times. Uneven pgimentation (too much time at the beach), acne-prone (genetics, nothing I can do about that!) and just dull and lifeless.

After using Moana for about 6 weeks (in combination with the AMAZING facials and microdermabrasions I have every month at the gorgeous Caroline Hailstone, more on that in a later post) my skin feels so different! It’s smoother, it’s clearer and it’s definitely less oily and much clearer.

See for yourself!

Not normally one to post a pic sans makeup! This is me and my moana skin in all its glory!

Not normally one to post a pic sans makeup! This is me and my moana skin in all its glory!

Loving my Moana Organics Pure Drop of Youth Moisturiser

Loving my Moana Organics Pure Drop Youth Serum

I even ran all this wonderful product past my beuticia to make sure it really was as good as they say and she seemed to be really happy for me to put it on my skin – it has all the right things in it, and none of the nasties she pretty much said. So if she says it’s AOK, I’m with her!

Have you got an amazing skin care brand you can’t live without? I’d love to hear about it! Tell me in the comments below

Until next time,
In Style & Love (& serum) Always
Cait xoxo


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