Burnt orange is the new black, gladiator sandals are the new black, poo catchers (MC Hammer pants) are the new black, and as always black is the new black…..but is it?

What is your best colour?

Black is the safety net of fashion, it’s everyone’s go-to colour  (especially if you live in Melbourne) but black, just like every other colour, shade, tone out there is not for everyone. Black has the common misconception of being the most slimming thing to wear, and yes, it can hide a few more lumps and bumps that some of the lighter colours, but the shapes and proportions of the clothes you wear are much more likely to be slimming than just a colour (but that is a WHOLE other blog).

Black can be quite draining on a complexion. To go old school ‘Colour-Me-Beautiful’  on you, only a true Winter (olive skin, usually dark hair and blue or brown eyes –  think Katy Perry, Salma Hiyak….Snow White) can truly wear stark black (and white for that matter). Everyone else should be wearing tones of charcoal, navy or chocolate. Also, I hate to say it girls, but the older we get, the more wearing black close to our faces can show up the fine lines and wrinkles that are starting to form.

So it’s time to embrace colour! Here are a few tips to get us out of the black fashion-hole we have all fallen into:

  1. Trinny and Susannah (my idols) always say never wear black with colour, it cheapens them both, but I have to say I disagree to some extent. If you can’t jump straight into a bright pink frock, try and find a dress/top that has a little black and a little colour, that way you can get used to wearing other colours without completely losing your black safety blanket

    Work you way into colour - SACHA DRAKE Carrie Dress

  2. When you go shopping,  hold up different colours close to your face, the ones that suit you are the ones that will make your eyes pop and your skin glow, even without makeup. If you don’t think you can do this on your own, take a trusted friend that will tell you the truth (in a nice way of course)
  3. Shop locally – for us Queenslanders, colour is such an important part of our wardrobe. Brisbane-based labels like Sacha Drake and Maiocchi work a lot with colour, not a plain black dress in sight! If you have more colours to choose from, chances are you will find some that suit you.
  4. Seek professional help – either a personal stylist or a well-trained retail staff member will be able to help you work out which colours suit you. Don’t expect to get this help from the chain stores in general though (sorry chain stores), remember in retail you pay for what you get when it comes to service and quality (for the most part)
  5. Colour-Me-Beautiful. Remember this book from the late 70’s early 80’s? my mum had a copy and I used to LOVE flicking though it. Our original copy fell apart but you can order it online at www.amazon.com. Still a wealth of information
  6. If you MUST wear black on the top half of your body, wear a bright coloured necklace to break up the space between the black and your face.

So black is not always best, don’t be scared to get out there and try some colour, you never know – you might actually like it. The moral of the story? Black is NOT the new black!