Okay you little rascals. it’s time to go back to basics. We are going to talk body shapes. In this series of posts, I’ll walk you through the different shapes; their attributes and how to know if you are that shape, and then the best styling tips for that shape.



So the first thing to note about body shapes is that it has NOTHING to do with size! You can be a size 8 hourglass, or you can be a size 18 hourglass – it’s all about your body’s PROPORTION.

How to identify an hourglass:

1. Your shoulders and your hips are about the same width apart

2. Your have a small to medium waist in proportion to your bust and hips

3. You have medium to generous bust

4. You carry your weight on your bum and hips…. but not so much on your thighs

Sound like you? Yep – me too! If haven’t guessed it already from my outfit posts, I am the typical hourglass and PROUD OF IT! My bust and hips definitely rival each other in girth, yet I have a smaller waist ( but I also have a bit of a tummy which is quite common for this shape…. damn it!)

TOTES the hourglass!

And wow, are we in good company! Recognize these other amazing hourglass gals?

Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johannson and Kim Kardashian – all your typical hourglass gal

OK – now we know who we are – how do we dress best for our shape?

Here are my top 4 tips for an hourglass.

1. Deep necklines.

The less fabric that goes over the surface area of your bust, the smaller it looks. This is why v-necks, scoop-necks and low sweetheart necklines work best. (If you want to wear a higher neckline, use a necklace to create the illusion of a V… see pic of me above)

Hourglass girls can NEVER go wrong with a v-neck! 1) Sacha Drake Del Mar dress $259 aus (click here to buy) 2) ASOS ballet wrap swan print dress $53.65 NZ (click here to buy)

2. Define you waist.

Belt it, wrap it, just show it off! If you have a bigger bust and clothes just hang off them, you will look bigger than you actually are. By showing off your waist, you show how tiny you really are! A small to medium sized belt generally works best as a large belt can make your bust look bigger!

Add some definition to your waist with a pop of colour belt – this one from Country Road is great! $44.95 NZ (click here to buy)

3. Show off your shape.

Don’t be scared of fitted clothes!! You have an amazing shape – show it off! By wearing loose and baggy clothes, you are hiding all your good bits as well as the bits you are not so keen on. I often find I look and feel better in a more pencil shape, rather than a full skirt – I find the full skirt makes my lower half look bigger, not smaller!

Show off your shape with these little beauties! 1. boohoo.com contrast dress NZ$50 (click here to buy) 2. Witchery ruched-side dress AUS$99 (click here to buy)

4. Vertical lines are your friends.

This can be done with a deep neckline, an open jacket or cardigan or a long statement necklace or scarf… trust me, this really works! Any sort of vertical line you create with your clothes draws the eye up and down the body…. rather than across it…. good yes?


Vertical lines are our friends girls! necklaces (and others) from Diva – click here to buy. Yellow jacket from Dotti  AUS$69.95 (click here to buy) Cream jacket from Country Road NZ$169 (click here to buy)

So there you have it my lovely, little hourglass gals! I hope that has helped a little!

Remember, embrace your curves – we are very lucky to have them 😉 and on that note, I’ll leave you with this….. cracks me up every time!

Story of my life…..


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Love & Style Always

Cait xoxo