Big call right?

But as a big-bosomed girl myself (14DD’s here ladies), I KNOW how hard it is to find bras that are a) functional and b) fashionable.

I always feel like I have to choose between the two. If I want support, then I’m pretty much stuck with beige, nana-looking minimiser bras. And if I want all of the pretty and lacy, then support goes out the window (times TWO after breast-feeding).

Enter New Zealand lingerie label Rose & Thorne, who are changing the bra-game one bust at a time! 

So in the name of research for all my friends, I took a GIANT step out of my comfort zone and decided to show you what they look like on a NON underwear model. Me.


SHOP THE KNICKERS: Bra – Lace en forme $20 (available in 12B – 20DD) + Lace Midi Brief $10 (available size S-XXL)
Photos by Laura Court Photography

(Sidebar: if you really want to test your level of comfort with your own body, jump in front of a camera in your undies in front of a professional photographer who is a complete stranger…. yup! I have to say this was more confronting for me than I thought it was going to be!)

But hey, this is my body. It grew a human. And it likes the odd burger. More importantly, how amazing are the knickers and bras! I don’t think I would have felt anywhere near as good and comfortable, if I didn’t have beautiful, amazing-fitting pieces to wear.

SHOP THE KNICKERS: en forme enhanced support spot lace bra $30 (available size 12DD – 20E) | Modal short boyleg brief $12 (size S-XL)

So what’s so awesome about this kiwi brand? Well how long have you got!


First of all, this is definitely one of the biggest size ranges I’ve seen available 10A – 24F.  I LOVE that this brand is all inclusive! Not just big boobs, not just small boobs – almost all boobs are catered for AND at a ridiculously affordable price!

EVERYTHING in the whole collection is UNDER FIFTY DOLLARS! All of the sizes, all of the shapes are all under $50 – that is crazy good! Especially when you are used to paying over $100 for anything that has more than a D in front of it!

This en forme beauty is only $40 – shop it here: Rose Collection Embroidery bra $40 + matching briefs $15

You can find these amazing bras and knickers in The Warehouse stores nation wide, on the Rose & Thorne website and at their outlet store in Drury.


Not all boobs are made the same, therefore not all bras need to do the same thing right? That is why I LOVE Rose & Thorne’s “Shop By Shape” function.

There are 5 shapes;

  • Oh Naturale – a soft-lined bra that feels barely there.
  • Smooth Operator – the classic t-shirt bra, that’s virtually invisible.
  • Curvylicious – a lightly padded bra that curves and gently lifts.
  • En Forme – a deceptively supportive, non-padded bra that gently moves you bust forward. (my personal fave)
  • Perky Power – a plunging neckline that adds a whole cup size.


One of the best features of the Rose & Thorne website is their Pocket Bra Guru fit system.

It’s a great service that helps tell you which of their bras, based on your existing bras, size, shape preference etc, is best for you – such a great idea and helps take some of the fear out of buying a bra online!



I also wanted to get behind the label and give you guys a bit of an insight into the design brains creating these amazing bras! So I had a chat with Rose & Thorne’s Managing Director, Sue Dunmore about the brand, and why she’s so passionate about supporting women. Literally.

1. Tell me a little about how you came to start Rose & Thorne with Stefan (the Executive Chairman)?

I’d worked as GM Design with Bendon for 15 years here in NZ managing all 7 brands. When they moved the operation to Australia I found myself wondering what to do next as NZ was most definitely my home.

Having time off from Bendon made me relook at how we’d served everyday women and I rapidly came to the conclusion that in fact we hadn’t done it very well at all. Rose & Thorne was born from the realisation of this and the desire to change everyday womens lives by making bras that were not only comfortable but looked fantastic and were ridiculously affordable.


2. What do you think about when you’re designing a bra? The colour? The fit? Who is going to wear it? 

All of the above, I think we keep front of mind that we are designing for real women, women that are active in everyday life and need to be so comfortable they aren’t even aware they’re wearing a bra. So our Forgiving Fit technology really comes into its own. The colours of the season, whats happening in outerwear is also a big factor we want you to look and feel fabulous.


3. What is your number one top tip when it comes to buying a new bra both in store, and online?

Make sure your buying the correct size and shape for your body type.

Women don’t generally realise how much the actual shape of the bra and underwire in the bra can affect not only how comfortable the bra is on your body but also the way you look with your clothes on. For me fit is everything.


4. What is the biggest mistake women make when buying a bra?

Holding it up on the hanger and saying yes that’s about my size or no that can’t possibly be my size !!!! Try it on please! (Cait says: oh gosh, I TOTALLY second this!!)


5. Chasing Cait is all about making women feel amazing everyday, not just on special occasions. How does having a good bra help women feel amazing everyday?

When you look in the mirror and your clothes are hanging correctly and the girls are up where they should be you know you feel good.

A great fitting bra gives you that confidence, you know your supported, you know your not going to be fiddling with your straps or your underwires that’s amazing and we want that for all women everyday.



So now I’ve joined the ranks of “just another girl getting her kit off on the internet” haha but I’ve done it FOR YOU!

I want you guys to see how this amazing underwear brand actually fits  on a body. A body that hasn’t been photoshopped, a body that has grown a tiny human, a body that is far more interested in living life, wine and all, than how trim and perfect it is.

I’m SO incredibility excited to be working with a great New Zealand company like Rose & Thorne. They are all about embracing your body, no matter what your shape or size, PLUS they really want to create and provide beautiful lingerie that is wearable, beautiful and affordable – three massive yes’s in my book!


So get out there and love the skin you’re in!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style (and knickers) Always,

This post was a collaboration with Rose & Thorne. Please support the brands that support this blog.