Strangely, the question “but where will I wear it?” has NEVER crossed my mind  (I just bought a pair of gold sequined harem pants for goodness sake – all I was thinking was “oooOOOooo”!).

I can totally relate!

However, it is something that I hear many of my friends, family and personal styling clients say. You know the drill – you find an amazing silk maxi dress, in your size, on sale, 60% off….. but you still have to ask yourself…. “but where will I wear it?

The answer my little play-it-safers is ANYWHERE YOU BLOODY WELL LIKE!!

There are no rules in fashion any more (actually, I lie. There are 3; black is always the new black, ugg boots do not belong outside, and leggings are not pants)…. but I digress, my point is, there doesn’t have to be anything in your wardrobe that is just a work skirt, or just a weekend top, or just an in-case-I-ever-have-to-go-to-an-emergency-cocktail-party-so-I-better-not-wear-it sequined mini dress (hate it when that happens).

If you own it, and love it – wear it! Here are a few examples of how you could wear something in a different way that perhaps you thought you would.

A silk maxi dress.

You think: You can only wear that to a wedding or special occasion.

I say: Wear it on the weekend to a breakfast with friends.

Dress down a silk maxi with a casual jacket and low-heeled boots.

This look: 1. SpencerLacy Silk Maxi on sale $130 (AUS), 2. Just Jeans taupe leather jacket on sale $96.75 (AUS), 3. Witchery Pixie ankle boots $199.95 (AUS)

A sequin blazer.

You think: You can only wear that to a Lady Gaga concert (or an 80’s party)

I say: Wear it to the movies with your partner on a Saturday night.

A sequin look….without going all Gaga. Jeans and flats are simple enough, keep everything else to a minimum and let the sequins shine!

This look: 1. Mango sequin jacket (on $114.09 (NZ), 2. Witchery jeans $99.95 on sale (AUS), 3. Jeanswest striped top $29.99 (AUS), 4. Country Road ballet flats $99.95 (AUS)

A black pencil skirt.

You think: You can only wear it to work.

I say: Wear it casually on the weekend.

Nothing says casual like a denim jacket and converse! The slim line of the connies wont add bulk to your legs and the funky t-shirt and trilby funk-up the look.

This look: 1. Witchery knit pencil skirt $129.95 (AUS), 2. ASOS straw trilby $26.33 (NZ), 3. Fujinella cap sleeve rooster tee $59 (AUS), 4. Just Jeans distressed denim jacket $89.99 (AUS), 5. Converse slim chuck taylors $69.99 (AUS)

So there are just a few examples of how you can wear something in a way maybe you didn’t think of. I want to encourage you to step outside the box and not to limit your clothes to just one use.

If you aren’t sure how to wear something differently, look for inspiration in magazines (often mags like InStyle and Madison will do a “one garment, 5 ways” section that can give you some good ideas) or jump online and see what bloggers are doing. Or there is my old fave, Pinterest (click here to see my Pinterest boards).

Do you have an item of clothing that you aren’t sure how to wear?

Or that you only wear one way and want to wear another way?

Tell me what it is and how you wear it now and I’ll give you some other suggestions on how to wear it!