Soooooo I have a confession to make: cardigans have never been my thing.

They always conjured up images of something a bit too… librarian-esque for my style preferences.

But, as a stylist, I’m always open to expanding my horizons. So, when the lovely team at Caroline Eve were telling me about all their glorious cardigans in the latest collections,  I took it as a challenge to try my luck again.

Caroline Eve are known for their cardigans, they have such a wide range of shapes, styles and colours, that even I would be hard-pressed not to find some in-store (or online) that I loved. So I headed into store to visit the Howick Caroline Eve team to see what all the fuss (justified!) was about…

The Cardigan Challenge

I had to rethink the whole vibe of cardigans. Sure, they can be classic, but with a bit of styling magic, they can be totally transformed. Here’s what I discovered on my quest for cardigan coolness:

  • Texture is Key: Ditch the basic, flimsy knits! Chunky weaves, plush faux fur, even a touch of metallic shimmer – textured cardigans instantly elevate an outfit, adding dimension and a touch of luxury.

  • The Boyfriend Borrow: Oversized cardigans have that effortlessly chic, “I just threw this on over my favorite tee” vibe. Pair them with slim-fitting jeans or a slinky skirt for a cool juxtaposition.

  • Belt It Out: Add some shape to a slouchy cardigan! Cinching it with a belt creates a whole new silhouette, emphasizing the waist and adding a feminine touch.

  • The Unexpected Layer: Who says cardigans have to be the top layer? Try one under a tailored blazer, a leather jacket, or even a denim vest for a modern, edgy twist


My ‘Aha!’ Cardigan Moments

I finally had my cardigan epiphany with a few key pieces:

1. It’s all about the SHAPE

I think (no, I know) my hesitation with cardigans has always been their lack of shape. I generally feel better when my waist is defined and cardigans rarely do that, so step number one is finding a cardigan that gives me waist shape….

This lovely cardigan did exactly what I needed it to – created shape and I also love the contrast of wearing it with a leather-look skirt, it just elevates it slightly.

2. Think outside the box.

I have to admit, I do have one or two cardis that have made their way into my wardrobe already, and they almost exclusively get worn like this – as a jersey or a jumper!

Again, I think it playing into the waist-defining style for me, by buttoning a cardigan, I can throw it over a dress, or style it back with a skirt and still define my shape, like so…

The Verdict: I’m a Convert

Guess what, guys? I’m officially a cardigan fan. They add warmth, sure, but really it’s about the style options!

With a little imagination, they are a secret weapon for easy layering, adding a pop of personality, and creating looks with that certain je ne sais quoi. Maybe I’ll start calling myself a cardiganista!

And so you can play along too, here are some more of my faves from Caroline Eve that you can find for yourself in store and online.

Shop the looks:
top left to right: 100% worsted wool cardigan in new pink | Recycled yarn blend cardigan in navy stripe | 100% worsted wool collared cardigan in amethyst marle
bottom left to right: fine cosy knitwear coatigan in ocean marle | Luxe knitwear stripe cardigan in black / ivory | Specialty knitwear knit jacket in navy/olive

Let me know your fave!

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