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As a Style Coach, one of the biggest things I find myself talking to clients about is how to match prints with different colours. We’ve all got that one piece in our wardrobe, you know the one. It’s a skirt or blouse with a print that you were completely drawn to. It might be an amazing mix of blues and pinks, or it might be a soft combination on neutrals…… But you CANNOT for the life of you, work out what to wear it with……. Sound familiar?

Well never fear, it’s easier than you think.

Now I’m going to give away one of my BIGGEST styling secrets to you right now, are you ready?

If you want to know what colours to wear with a print, HAVE A LOOK AT THE PRINT

Yup – it’s that simple. Look at ALL the colours in the print and use them to dictate what you can wear with that print. You will be surprised what colours you see in a print when you look closely.

Let’s look at a few examples using some pretty prints I found online, I’ve pulled three of the colours IN the print to wear with it.




If you can, scroll so you can only see one print+ colour combo a a time – see how by placing each colour next to the print, it makes that colour in the print POP! And it even change how the print looks slightly. That’s what you want!

OK, just so we’re clear, here is how I do it with CLOTHES – it’s exactly the same principle…..

photo 1

There are little specks of blue in this skirt, the same colour as the knit on top. Black would be way too harsh with this light print.

Black and White are NOT neutrals.

Well not when matching them with print they’re not. Newsflash people –  black does NOT go with everything, much to some peoples distain. Only wear black with a print if BLACK IS IN THE PRINT….. for example;


YES – This print looks AMAZING with black, because it has black IN THE PRINT! In fact, it makes the print even more striking.


NO - The print and black have NOTHING in common. This is a real mis-match of colour and print

NO – The print and black have NOTHING in common. This is a real mis-match of colour and print

This print is so pretty, it seems a waste to dull it with harsh black – so let’s bring out the freshness of this print and match it with WHITE – which is ok because there is WHITE IN THE PRINT;

See how much prettier and fresher this print looks matched with white?

See how much prettier and fresher this print looks matched with white?

Does that all seem a little bit clearer now? Remember; USE THE COLOURS IN THE PRINT TO DICTATE WHAT COLOURS YOU MATCH IT WITH – it’s really that simple.

Does that advice help? Are you terrified of print because you don’t know what to wear it with? Or is matching print a walk in the park, tell me in the comments below;

Until next time,
In Style & Love Always


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