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Let me introduce you to StyleMail: my online styling service sent DIRECTLY to your inbox twice a month!

StyleMail signup slider.jpg

Let me tell you a bit about why I started StyleMail….. I LOVE all my styling clients – they know that (hi guys!) but I always feel that once our sessions are over, they are back on their own again.

I wanted a service that they could subscribe to, that was a little ‘top up’ so to speak, on the principles we talked about in our sessions. My clients know what shape they are after our one-on-ones, so I wanted to give them more information on a regular basis that would help them shop for themselves (kinda doing myself out of a job aren’t I!?)

I talked it though with a few key clients, friends and family and voila! StyleMail was born!



Twice a month, you’ll get an email SPECIFICALLY tailored to your body shape. And don’t worry, if you aren’t sure what shape you are, there’s a quiz to help you work it out.

Each online styling session is based around ONE item of clothing; how it works best for your shape, what to wear it with, and where to buy it.

Here’s a few examples of the kinds of things you’ll see in StyleMail……


stylemail example 2

[line]stylemail example 3[line]

stylemail example 1

The good news? Your StyleMail subscription is only $10/month and you get TWO issues each month (on the 1st and 15th). You can cancel at any time (although that will make me sad) so there is no pressure to sign up for a long period of time.

That’s less that a monthly fashion magazine and the advice is SO much more relevant to you!


left hand quotes.jpgSo glad you send this issue on ankle boots. I had a pair of ankle boots I loved but nearly through out because I didn’t know how to wear them – so glad I didn’t’ throw them out and I am wearing them TODAY! – Amy, StyleMail Pear Edition

left hand quotes.jpgWhat an exciting development Cait! Great idea. I’ve just signed up for your apple edition, and I can’t wait to get the first email. Looking forward to all your great tips on how to dress for my body, so I can adjust them to how to dress for my new hair. Thanks for offering a great new service! – Jodie, StyleMail Apple Edition


Well, you’ll get an expert opinion on what works (and what doesn’t) for your body shape {Want to know why I’m the expert? Read up a little more about me HERE}

I’ll do all the leg work for you, so rather than wasting your time in the stores (and frustrating hours online) looking for new clothes, I’ll tell you what to look for, and even where to get them!

No more wanting to look stylish but not knowing where to start – I’ll bring all the latest trends, and awesome finds right to you AND show you how to wear them for your body shape!

StyleMail page intro.jpg


All you have to do is head over to THIS PAGE, select your body shape and you are off! I’m even offering a FREE issue before you sign up!

stylemail free issue.png

If you have any questions about StyleMail at all I’d love to hear from you! You can email me on caitlin@chasingcait.com , or just ask me in the comments below!

I really believe in creating confidence through style and I think that StyleMail is just one of the many ways I can do that! Enjoy!

In Love & Style Always