As many of you know, I’m expecting bebe #3 any day now (well it’s still a month away but feels like any day haha) and one of the things I’ve started to think about is how I can still have fun with my personal style, AND still make it easy to breastfeed the bebe on demand as long as needed!

BUT this post isn’t just for breast-feeding mamas! It’s for everyone. I want to introduce to you the idea of co-ords, or matching sets.

Now this idea isn’t new to fashion, but we seem to be seeing a LOT of it coming through right now, with so many gorgeous prints and colours to choose from.

“Cool but what IS a co-ord” I hear you say. Well in a nutshell, it’s just a matching set, top and bottom. It could be a top and skirt, top and pants, or a jacket and pants, or even a top and shorts.

Check out this wee video I posted not long ago on Instagram talking you through a top and skirt I’m wearing to give you an idea:

The idea behind matching sets is VERSATILITY (ahhh my fave “V” word). So not only can you wear them together to make it look like either a faux jumpsuit or a dress, you can also wear the pieces separately, giving you MORE bang for your buck than one piece.

The other advantage? You can get your SIZING right with a co-ord set!

So many problems that I see my clients have with jumpsuits in particular (and some dresses) is that it can be tricky to get the size right top and bottom. We all have wonderful and uniquely different shapes, and sometimes it’s just hard to accommodate EVERY shape when designing a piece of clothing.

So if you go for a co-ord, and wear it together, YOU can choose the fit of the pieces to suit your body and still rock what looks like a jumpsuit or a dress.

The bonus for us breast-feeding mummas too, is that when wearing a co-ord, the top is easy to then just whip up and get access to the liquid gold.

I’ve been stocking up on a few different sets, and I wanted to share some of my faves with you too.

SHOP THE SETS: Dangerfield “Pelican Friend” top $68 + Dangerfield “Pelican Friend” pants $88Little Party Dress “June” blouse $59.95 + Little Party Dress “Marissa” pants $59.95 | Witchery floral high neck blouse $149.90 + Witchery tiered print skirt $149.90C.Reed (Minx Shoes clothing) Rita Top in Emerald green $169.00 + C.Reed Hayworth pants in Emerald Green $179.00Mister Zimi “Besty” set in Pansy $219 (AUD) | StyleFast “May” scoop singlet $49.95 (AUD) + StyleFast “Rosie” tie waist skirt $59.95 (AUD)

Other places to look for great matching sets right now:

Country Road
Asos (search co-ords)
Little Party Dress have a whole bunch more coming over the next few weeks

So I hope that gives you some ideas on how to work co-ords or matching sets into your wardrobe to give you that little more versatility. Rest assured you’ll be seeing me in them a whole bunch over the next little while.

I’ll also make sure I pop a few 1 item 4 ways videos up on the socials once I’m actually wearing them so you guys can get even more of an idea on the versatility!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always