Hello chickens! So today it’s time for our second Colour Pop Post. These little posts aim to give you a POP of colour if the thought of colour head to toe still scares you! (It’s ok if it does, summer colour blocking is almost over…. oh but it’s back for winter, but more about that later!)

Today’s colour is TERRIFIC TEAL!

What more can I say – what a great colour, one of my personal favourites. It’s the kind of shade that suits most people, if you choose the right shade for you.

You may also know teal’s younger sister, Tiffany Blue……

Does any girl not recognise this colour


These two colours are closely related so today’s post will be a combination of the two. So here are my top 5 teal to give you a pop of colour!

1. ASOS oversized clutch

I love this clutch, in fact I OWN this clutch! It’s over-sized (the boy thinks it’s ridiculously large, he always asks where I have hidden the kitchen sink when I wear it). A clutch is a GREAT way to add a pop of colour to a simple outfit. This would work well in the day with a pair of jeans and a simple white tee, or match with a LBD and a teal pair of shoes at night.


Asos oversized clutch from asos.com RRP $45

2. This GORGEOUS one piece from Jets swim

I LOVE a 50’s style swimsuit, by far one of the most flattering styles on most bodies! One piece suits are definitely making a comeback and the choices are growing every season. I love the halter-neck and the sweetheart neckline, so Marilyn Munroe! Thow over a sheer white coverup, or a crazy printed kaftan when you are heading off the sand or lying by the pool. The beauty of a block-colour suit is that you CAN wear an amazing printed kaftan or sarong and it won’t clash (now all you need is some sunshine….any time now….still waiting Queensland!)


Jet's one piece swimmers RRP $155. Available at Sunburn.com.au

Button London 'Artful Dodger' RRP $22

3. Butter London ‘Artful Dodger’ nail varnish

This colour is definitely a different look for your nails but I love it! It’s not a dark and dangerous as black but not as girly as fluffy as pink, this nail colour is almost a little too cool for school, but don’t worry, you can totally get away with it!


4. Belinda ballet flats from Sambag

Who doesn’t love a ballet flats? (oh, you don’t, ok you can go – we are no longer friends). Now, the rest of us who love ballet flats and are still reading this, what better way to add some colour but with our shoe-wardrobe staple – the ballet flat!

You will always be able to find a ballet flat in most trend colours of the season, it’s a really easy way for labels to pump a trend colour in a style of shoe that is super-popular!

I love these from Sambag (they do a MEAN ballet flat, they are not cheap but they are a great shape and made from leather, as opposed to synthetic)

You can't go wrong with ballet flats from Sambag RRP $180


5. Statement necklace from Sportsgirl

There is NO easier way to add colour to ANY outfit that with some colourful costume jewellery. There are so many great jewellery brands popping up now like Lovisa, Collette and old faithful, Diva, but don’t be scared to also try Kmart and Target for some great, affordable pieces of jewellery.

This great statement piece is from Sportsgirl, always another great place to check out for fun jewellery. Wear this with a dress or top with a very simple neckline and in a plain colour like black or white – make it all about the necklace!

Inlay bib necklace from Sportsgirl RRP $29.95


So there are five fabulous pieces in TEAL that should add a little colour POP to your wardrobe. Don’t be scared of colour, it’s one of the easiest ways to establish and grow your own sense of style!

It's teal-riffic!


Do you love teal? What other colours would you like to see in the COLOUR POP series?