I’M BACK!! Only just, man that thesis was almost the end of me! Apologies for not adding a blog post or seven since the due date, I think I used up all the words in my brain writing 30,000 of them to finish my Masters thesis, but now it’s done and I’m all yours again!!!!

So, where were we! Oh yes, it’s summer, my FAVE fashion time of year! Gorgeous summer frocks, wedges galore and no excuses not to wear BRIGHT COLOURS (hey, I am from Queensland after all). Over summer (and into winter if you are lucky) I’m going to write a series of ‘Colour Pop’ posts. Each post will be a ‘top 5’ of my fave clothes and accessories in one, single ‘so-hot-right-now’ colour.

This weeks colour is……


Pink is so hot right now!


Magenta, raspberry, fuchsia (anybody else have trouble spelling that one!?), hot pink, bright pink, whoa-that-is-pink pink – I love pink! Pink is feminine, it is fun, it is empowering and it can be REALLLY bright. Pink certainly signals the start of the summer months so here are my top 5 pink picks for this season:

1. SACHA DRAKE Maddison Dress in raspberry:

WEll duh! How can I have a top five in summer WITHOUT a Sacha Drake dress. If you don’t have this dress in at least one colour (I have five) go and get one. now. you will thank me as soon as you try it one. Not only is it probably the most flattering dress you will ever try on, it is one of the most versatile.

The Maddison dress is made from a ruffled jersey – the ruffles hide the lumps and bumps on ANYONE, the jersey makes it not so dressed up – pair with a relaxed pair of sandals, chuck your hair in a loose pony, add a belt if you want to and it’s great for a sunday session at the pub (did I mention I love summer?!

Saying that, this dress can be ideal for a black tie event, just add some bling and a killer heel. Click here to get this MUST HAVE dress. Do it now. I’ll wait here…

Ok, enough waffling, here is the frock in this seasons colour:

Sacha Drake “Maddison Dress” is raspberry RRP $339


2. SHELLAC nail colour in Hot Pop Pink:

I don’t talk about Shellac much right (*cough, cough* see here, and here) So how could I do a pink top five without a Shellac pink! This colour is the colour that I have had the most and it is a fun, bright colour that lights up any outfit (I currently have it on my toes, but you don’t want to see that, my toes are ugly) so here is a snap of my fingers from a little while ago….

You can now get yourself “shellac-ed” at most nail salons – there is also an OPI option due here in Jan next year with an AMAZING range of colours so watch this space for updates on that (and by ‘this space’ I mean my blog, oh you got that? right)

My fave Shellac colour: Hot Pop Pink


All your Shellac colour options, with my fave at the front!


3. WITTNER Kyoto sandals

Don’t want to do a whole outfit in pink? That’s cool, use pink to make your accessories POP!!! I love a summer sandal (what else am I going to wear with my wardrobe FULL of maxi dresses and skirts!?!?). Although I am on the lookout for a tan sandal (they go with everything!) I can’t go past these little beauties from Wittner.

I love the simple, streamline shape – there isn’t too much pink, just enough, but here is a tip – don’t match your pedicure to your sandal! Whilst wearing these babies I would go for a soft neutral baby pink, or rock it out with a deep blue or black – hot!

Wittner Kyoto sandal $99.95


4. M.A.C Girl About Town lipstick

So I’m more of a lipgloss girl myself (remember this?) but I have ventured into the realm of hot pink lippy (not sure the boy likes it though, he just needs to get used to it I think). Hot pink lips are another great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit without actually having to WEAR pink clothes… this one you CAN match with your pedicure (or manicure) to give yourself a real pink pop!

Keep the rest of your makeup clean (foundation, black eyeliner, mascara and a slight blush or illuminator of the cheeks will do) otherwise you will look a little scary in daylight! I often find my pink lips look better with my hair pulled back too, continuing that clean, shape look.

Here is my colour of choice at the mo, but there are plenty of options for all bank balances out there so don’t be scared! Give it a go!

M.A.C ‘Girl About Town’ Lipstick RRP $36


5. Louenhide “Switch” over-sized bag

I loved a coloured bag – I currently have a red one from QLD label Kinin – but Louenhide are another fab QLD label that are making bright, colourful, durable, affordable bags in all shapes and sizes. My pick of the bunch is this great carry-all bag called the “Switch” bag (there is also a mini version if you don’t have as much stuff as I do to shove into your handbag everyday). This bag also works well as a nappy bag!

Made from a synthetic (but that’s a GOOD thing) but it looks like a leather, it’s easy to clean, and not so easy to get dirty (bonus!) This bag would work really well with the Wittner shoes… or the M.A.C lippy….. or the Shellac …. just sayin’

Louenhide “Switch” bag in fuchsia RRP $128


So there is my first COLOUR POP TOP 5 – do you love all things pink like moi?? No? What colours would you like to see featured in the next COLOUR POP post? Let me know and I’ll hit the shops start researching……