So if you are regular reader of Chasing Cait, or follow me over of Facebook, you might have noticed that I’m totally crushing on stripes at the moment! (if you are new to the site, hi there, welcome – did I mention I love stripes?)

I know they are nothing new (I mean, nothing really is in fashion anyway) but all of a sudden they are everywhere I look and I love them!

So I thought I’d share my latest obsession with you all so we can obsess together (so kind aren’t I)

 Why we love them

They are like wearing a print, without really wearing a print. Stripes are never ‘out of fashion’ so they’ve almost become like a block colour really. It allows you to wear stripes with other prints (we’ll get to that more in a sec) and it’s a great print for those who “don’t do print”.


Horizontal Stripes: good or bad? Discuss

Well I think they are pretty darn awesome myself, but my biggest tip to wearing Horizontal Stripes is this:

Make sure the garment you are wearing, is longer than the stripe is wide.

the stripe dress

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You still want to create an overall VERTICAL line with your body, and you want that to be the dominant shape people see when looking at you, so as long as you remember that, there is nothing wrong at ALL with a horizontal stripe!

You can mix and match them with other prints!

I love a good print clash (in fact I wrote a whole post on it the other day) – I love to use stripes as one of the prints, as it’s not as crazy a print as most others.

print clash

Four of the best right now

Here are four of my fave striped pieces that you can get your hot little hands on right now!

stripe central

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So are you as into stripes as me? Or do we still need a little work to get your love to the levels of my obsession? What striped pieces are you loving at the moment? Tell me in the comments below – I need to feed my addiction!

Until Next Time,
In Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo


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