Day 2 – rain. Awesome! You’re not making this easy for me NZ! For those of you playing along at home, the aim over the next 7 days is to wear 7 different pairs of shoes. We all get into our own style ruts and I’m no different. I have HEAPS of shoes, yet tend to wear the same ones all the time – hence setting myself this challenge for the 2nd year running.


So today consisted of a trip to the vet with the fur baby (she’s fine), friends for brunch and a trip to the airport (playing taxi for sis & bro-in-law). So many different destinations and activities made it pretty hard to choose appropriate footwear to cover all bases….. so I went for a pretty colour instead.

So here are my shoes for day 2: Rubi shoes (again! I buy a LOT of shoes from Rubi) coral open-toe flats:

photo 1

photo 2

They are great because they are comfy (almost always important), they added a bit of colour to my outfit and it didn’t really matter if they got wet (which they didn’t really at all).

Instead of going with my usual choice (a pair of white converse trainers) I decided these added a little something different to my mint and navy outfit  (plus I added a coral ring to finish off the outfit).

Glassons top and printed jeans, Rubi shoes and Dinosaur Design resin ring

Glassons top and printed jeans, Rubi shoes and Dinosaur Design resin ring

Ok peeps! There is my day two effort, how did you go? What’s in store for day 3 for you? I’m working on the shop floor so it will have to be flats again, but I promise to try and make it more exciting than normal!

Cait xo


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