Well ok, do. But don’t judge a store by who you think their customer is supposed to be! My mother often jokes that I can find something to spend money on no matter what shop I go into! This is a habit of mine that distresses her but I think it’s a great skill to have! (One that has led me to become a stylist as a career in fact!).

If you don’t want to look like everyone else on the street then this blog is for you. The stores that you never walk into are a treasure-trove for finding those unique and interesting pieces that help you make up your own personal style so here are a few stores that I bet you never thought to check out!


Ok, if you are under 30 (or a size 6) maybe you have visited Supre recently, but for many of us that have crossed the 30-barrier, the though of walking into Supre is daunting! The girls working there are so tiny! If you are size 10 or bigger you end up going into the L and the XL sizes plus the music is sooooo loud! (am I sounding like a nana yet?) BUT there are still some great basics and work pieces to be found! Supre also will fit up to a size 14-16 (just don’t look at the XXL on the tag!) As a size 12, I can normally wear a M – L depending on the garment.

This pussy-bow blouse is one of my favourite finds from Supre recently. It is classy, covered and totally work-appropriate. Pair it back with one of the basic camis underneath and  a HOT pencil skirt from Cue, Witchery, Saba or the like and you have a smoking, feminine look.

Supre pussy-bow blouse $35


I know right?! Total opposite to Supre, but I just bagged some great short for summer, much to my surprise! The same also applies to Katies, Millers and Sportscraft – shops you think your mum might shop in, but there are some really nice styles that are actually cut to fit women! High rises on the jeans and shorts, enough darting in the bust on shirts, and hems that cover what you had for breakfast that day!

How hot is this tailored dress? It has enough shape to flatter an hour-glass or pear shape (the cap sleeves are puuuuuufect for our pears our there) and the belt with help define a waist for a column shape or our lovely apples!

Rockmans tailored dress $69.99

Roger David (and other associated boys shops)

My style guru Sarah Wilson looking as classy as ever in a pair of Buddy Holly frames

Unless you are shopping with your man, I bet you walk straight past there stores when you are indulging in a spot of retail therapy right? Well don’t! Mens stores are great for accessories (and if you are a lucky column shape, you could even pick up a pair of jeans or a fitted button-up shirt!)

So I can  be a bit of a slave to fashion and my new favourite look is the wayfarer frames as glasses…know what I mean? (Here is one of my fashion-idols Sarah Wilson rocking the look)

I looked everywhere for these frames and stumbled upon them in Roger David when shopping with my boy. Yay! Trend-piece sorted after looking in every, single girls shop from Sportsgirl to CottonOn to Target for a pair!

Roger David frames $49.95


So the moral of this little tale ladies, I can spend money ANYWHERE! No, sorry, that’s not it. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort-zone when you shop. If you can’t find what you are after in all the usual haunts, visit some un-usual ones.

Until next time, happy shopping!!

Have you found an amazing piece somewhere unexpected? Where is your ‘secret’ place to shop for something different?

This post was originally written for WeHeartLife – ChasingCait is the fashion and beauty writer for WeHeartLife. Click here to visit the site