So over the last few weeks I’ve been talking through some ideas to help you guys elevate your everyday style.

We’ve looked at The Shoes here. The Jackets here. The Pants here. And now it’s time for the tops.


This whole post series actually started because I posted this pic of my casual Sunday outfit, and it got such a big reaction!

There’s nothing special about the outfit, it’s jeans (Jeanswest), trainers (Alias Mae) and a jumper (French Connection) – but the sequins on the jumper caught everyone’s attention.

And I think that’s really the key to elevating your everyday style – it’s all in the details, things that are just a little bit different.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel everyday, it’s really just about finding pieces that you LOVE, and that have a bit of wow-factor about them. A print, a colour, some sparkle……

So here are some tops and jumpers that I’m loving for that little bit of difference. You can wear them as casually (or as dressy) as you like, but they will certainly help elevate your everyday style.

SHOP THE TOPS (l-r, top-bottom) 1. Witchery sheer ruffle knit $149.90 | 2. Decjuba slogan tee $49.95 AUD^ | 3. French Connection “Ottis” knit $159.90 | (bottom row) 4. Next slogan jumper from EziBuy $44 | 5. Asos sequin sleeve knit $28 (on sale) | H&M embroidered sleeve sweat shirt $79.00 


These are all tops your could pair back with your jeans on a daily basis, but they just add something a little extra to your look.

They could absolutely be styled up for an occasion or a night out too, giving you wardrobe that much-craved versatility.

It’s all in the details right?

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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