Everyday style? Sure! It’s my job, and my expertise.

Everyday makeup? haha not so much!

Lucky for us though, there are amazing people out there like Catherine from The Skin Wardrobe who CAN help up with our everyday makeup routines!

So as many of you know, I have three wee girls, so our mornings are super-hectic. How much time do I have to get ready? About minus 15 minutes on a good day.

What I need from a makeup routine is ease, simplicity and something that I don’t have to think about, and I’m guessing you’d like the same right?

So I’d love to talk you through my basic makeup, mostly my base, routine, show you how easy it CAN be, thanks to some lovely products and some simple tips from the expert (Catherine at The Skin Wardrobe, not me haha!)

She’s also given my lovely readers a wee discount code for your first purchase of any MAKE THE MAKE makeup products!

Use the code CAIT10 at the checkout for 10% off – SHOP MAKE THE MAKE HERE

Have a watch, the products are listed below.
Now it might seem like a lot of products, but this whole routine takes me less than 10 minutes everyday, and of course you can tailor what you use to suit your needs too – this is just the look I like if I’m out and about.

MAKE THE MAKE Makeup Mixing Plate $20 | MAKE THE MAKE Ginger Dewy Primer $50 | MAKE THE MAKE Vitamin B Covering Concealer $46

MAKE THE MAKE Concealer Brush $25 | MAKE THE MAKE Vitamin B Flawless Filter Foundation $65 | MAKE THE MAKE Sheer Foundation Brush $40

MAKE THE MAKE Shimmering Liquid Drops Highlighter in Golden Glow $50 | MAKE THE MAKE Sheer Blush Brush $28 | MAKE THE MAKE Capric Trio Palette in Petal $65

About Catherine Tong and The Skin Wardrobe

Catherine Tong, Founder of The Skin Wardrobe, developed an appreciation for Scandinavian innovation, quality and design whilst living in Stockholm, Sweden. Having faced her own skin challenges earlier in life, and now as a ‘mature skin’ customer,  Catherine is proof that consistently using the right skin routines and the right products delivers positive results. Every brand and product has been personally selected and trialled by Catherine, earning its well-deserved place on The Skin Wardrobe shelf.

“I appreciate choosing makeup is overwhelming (too much choice!) as is finding a brand that delivers AND is good for your skin. MAKETHEMAKE is a Swedish brand uniquely created by a team of makeup artists and skin therapists to deliver active skincare AND great makeup. The Skin Wardrobe exclusively stocks this brand – I’ve done the hard yards in finding it and bringing it you NZ!” – Catherine @ The Skin Wardrobe

You can visit The Skin Wardrobe in Auckland, or shop online from Aus and NZ!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,





This content was a PAID PARTNERSHIP between Caitlin Taylor.Stylist and The Skin Wardrobe