So in line with my new mission to blog more (have you noticed an increased frequency lately?), I thought I’d use Saturdays to do a wrap up of my Everyday Style posts from Instagram and Facebook.

For those new to the blog, here is some background on what Everyday Style is and why I love it. But to quickly re-cap, Everyday Style is the brain-child of amazing blogging guru Nikki Parkinson from Styling You. She started Everyday Style so women everywhere could share their everyday looks, whether it’s for work, or play, or staying at home, or meetings, or party!

It’s about admiring the style of other women, and sharing looks that you have out together no matter you lifestyle or budget (I may have even bought a couple of things based on other’s Everyday Style pics!). Want to play along? Click here to find out how.

So every Saturday I’m sharing some of my Everyday Style posts from the week – I’d love to see yours too and feature them on the blog so please send them to me, or tag me in yours posts on social media too so I can see them!


SIDEBAR: I read a blog this morning about fashion blogging and money, and one of the themes that stood out to me was that the most profitable fashion blogs are now turning into magazines. They are run by beautiful, skinny, model-esque girls who get gifted all the latest and greatest designer wear to showcase. Which is awesome for them.

BUT the reason I started blogging ( and one of the reasons I LOVE Everyday Style) is to share with ALL women – tall, short, bigger, smaller, curvy, slender, that fashion can be fun. And easy. For everyone.

So my new promise to you, is that every time I feature a post on what I wore, not only will I tell you what I’m wearing (so you can totally go and buy it too! Sharing is caring after all), but WHY I decided on that particular look, so you can hopefully see that the processes that YOU go through to get dressed in the morning are the same ones that I, or any other woman, goes through too – deal?


So without further waffling, here are some of this weeks looks…. but also a little description on WHY I choose those outfits for those particular days.

Everyday Style Wrap up

I’m wearing…..

Tuesday ~ Forever New lace dress, Jacqui E blazer and Django & Juliette ankle boots

So here’s my Tuesday secret – this was about the 7th attempt at finding the right outfit. I had a meeting with a friend that I will hopefully do some awesome work-y stuff with and then had to head to a media launch. I’m always TERRIFIED that I’m not going to look ‘cool’ enough, or ‘fashion-y’ enough at these events.

What I LOVE about this look is mixing up the pretty lace, with a slightly more rock ankle boot, which to me adds the little bit of  ‘fashion’ to my pretty girly look.

Wednesday ~ Forever New crochet top and maxi skirt

Meeting a friend, and then working from home for the rest of the day, I just wanted to be comfortable. I LOVE how this skirt has a big, thick waistband that pulls in my tum tum, and the slight a-line of the skirt is so flattering. This is definitely a ‘go-to’ look when I need to be casual but a little bit pretty.

Thursday ~ Del Mar maxi dress from Sacha Drake, Siren sandals from Swap my Clothes

This is hands down one of the BEST dresses I own. It’s comfortable, and flattering, and bright and just a joy to wear (but you HAVE to have the right undies on). Once again, had some work from home, and then off to a business coaching session. I needed to be comfortable, but I’m also going to these coaching sessions representing my business, so I always feel the need to look a little bit dressed up.

Friday ~ COOP by Trelise Cooper dress, Target heels and “Jimmy Choo” bag from Thailand

This is just a fun dress. Full stop. The end. BUT can I just say between you and me, I almost didn’t wear it. Again, I was heading to a fashion event, so the usual pressure to look ‘cool’ crept up. But it’s SUCH a fun dress, I couldn’t not wear it 🙂 and I’m SO happy I did. (But again, just between you and me, I may have changed out my heels for pink Converse trainers half way through the day so I could walk haha).


Stay tuned for more next week – I can’t wait to see yours too!
Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo

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