Welcome to this weeks Everyday Style challenge round up. For those new to the blog, here is some background on what Everyday Style is and why I love it. But to quickly re-cap, Everyday Style is the brain-child of amazing blogging guru Nikki Parkinson from Styling You. She started Everyday Style so women everywhere could share their everyday looks, whether it’s for work, or play, or staying at home, or meetings, or party!

It’s about admiring the style of other women, and sharing looks that you have out together no matter you lifestyle or budget (I may have even bought a couple of things based on other’s Everyday Style pics!). Want to play along? Click here to find out how.

So every Saturday I’m sharing some of my Everyday Style posts from the week – I’d love to see yours too and feature them on the blog so please send them to me, or tag me in yours posts on social media too so I can see them!


Top left: Decjuba top, Temt skirt, Number One Shoes wedges

Top right: Glassons denim shirt, Forever New maxi skirt, Number One Shoes sandals

Bottom left: Gorman dress, Number One Shoes ballet flats (I DO actually own other shoes besides Number One Shoes shoes…..)

Bottom right: Zara dress, Lovisa necklace and Jeffery Campbell shoes (see?!?)

So there’s the wrap up of MY everyday style for the week, how did you go? Don’t forget to share your looks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too, anyone can play along!

Until next time,
In Style & Love Always
Cait xoxo