Holy crap! Where has this year gone! This appears to be my first wrap up of my  #everydaystyle outfits for 2015!! (man that’s a lotta outfits!)

In case you are new to the blog, here is a little bit about what #everydaystyle is and why I do it (would you believe it’s NOT because I like having my pic snapped everyday!?)

Everyday Style is the brain-child of amazing blogging guru Nikki Parkinson from Styling You. She started Everyday Style so women everywhere could share their everyday looks, whether it’s for work, or play, or staying at home, or meetings, or party!

It’s about admiring the style of other women, and sharing looks that you have out together no matter you lifestyle or budget (I may have even bought a couple of things based on other’s Everyday Style pics!).

Whether you use it just as inspiration, or you literally buy the whole look piece-piece someone is wearing (I’ve TOTALLY done that), Everyday Style is a fun and useful way to get your fashion fix.

So here are just a few of the outfits I’ve worn over the last few weeks (current season garments have links)

Pink and Prints

Pink frocks

I’m wearing:

Top left: Gorman dress | Mr W & me shoes
Top right: Decjuba dress | Urban Soul shoes
Bottom left: Witchery dress, scarf and neckace | Spurr shoes from The Iconic
Bottom right: Sacha Drake “Florian” dress | Joanner Mercer boots

Black is always the new black

Black is back

I’m wearing:

Top left: Trelise Cooper maxi dress | Fantastic Footwear sandals
Top Right: H&M dress | Joanne Mercer boots | Lovisa necklace
Bottom left: Leina Broughton maxi | sandals from The Iconic
Bottom right: Witchery dress | Senso shoes | Diva necklace

Gone troppo

Call of the wild

I’m wearing:

Top left: Sussan top | Witchery pants | Joanne Mercer heels
Top Right: Sussan top | Witchery pants | Country Road shoes (ha! who would have known that Sussan tops and Witchery pants work so well together!)
Bottom left: Kmart tee | Rang ‘n’ Bone shorts from Shopbop | Spurr sandals from The Iconic
Bottom right: Witchery dress and necklace | NatSui sandals

EverydayStyle is about showing all those women out there that think you need to be tall and thin and rich to look good that you DON’T! Everyone can have fun with fashion and style, and shouldn’t have to break the bank doing it.

I’m a size 12 with some serious curve, and if I can put myself out there in a photo everyday, then you can rock those pants you didn’t think you could, and you should think about buying that dress that you were too shy to wear – EVERYONE has the right to look and feel good in the body they are in so embrace who you are and don’t be scared to show it through how you dress.

Show me YOUR #everydaystyle, I love to see what everyone else is wearing (it’s the voyeur in me…. wait, does that sound creepy?!) – tag me in your Insta snaps (@chasingcait) of share your outfit on my Facebook wall!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always