I didn’t used to be a t-shirt girl. They just never looked good on me.

Or so I thought….

Turns out I was just wearing the wrong style for my body!

I feel like the humble tee has come a long way since I was first trying to wear them in the 90’s (yes I am that old). There are so many more fabric options, different cuts, and the colour choice nowadays is amazing!

So when the gorgeous team at Max asked me to road-test a few of their amazing everyday tees (which are all either 100% cotton or 100% linen – yay for natural fibres!), I couldn’t wait to show you guys how versatile the selection is.

Now standard way to wear a tee is just back with jeans right? But why not put a little twist into your standard casual uniform with some fresh, light colours – no black or grey in sight here.


Chasing Cait_Max tee2 Chasing Cait_Max tee1

Chasing Cait_Max tee2 Chasing Cait_Max tee4

GET THE TEE LOOK: Max “Brooklyn” scoop V-neck tee (black/white stripe) $49.99 | Max “Vienna” release hem jeans in ballet pink $99.99 | Max Linen skirt in blue marl $99.99 (colour available August 7th)


EXPERT STYLE TIP: Tie a long-sleeve shirt around your waist.

One of the issues that can sometimes arise with a tee (particularly a slightly looser-fitting one) is that you loose some of the shape through your waist. Solution? Tie a long-sleeve shirt around you waist to help with definition. Plus it also adds a little bit of interest to your look, rather than just standard jeans + tee.

EXPERT STYLE TIP: Try tucking your tee in

I know this seems like a scary proposition for some! But trust me on this one. Tucking even just the front of your tee into your waist-band can again help with waist definition, but it can also help make your legs look longer!

The trick is the “tuck + blouse” (it’s kinda like the ‘bend + snap…. 😉 ). You want to tuck the tee in, but then blouse it back over the waist band a little to give a little shelf to cover tummy and create drape. This works really well with a looser-style tee, rather than a more fitted one.

BONUS BUY! If you grab yourself more than ONE of these great cotton everyday tees either in store, or online, they come down to only $39.99 each too! Shop them here.



If you want a bit of a twist of the usual tee option, why not pair it back with something a little more feminine like a dress or a skirt?

Max tee plus dress


GET THE TEE LOOK: Max “Sierra” Slouchy Linen Tee in Navy $69.99 | Max “Mia” Midi Slip Dress in Copper Rose $149.99

I’ve layered this gorgeous linen long-sleeve tee under a slip dress for a more dressed up, feminine look. The high neck of the tee is broken up by the deep V-neck of the dress and the long sleeves make the dress more season-appropriate for now, but you could also layer with a short sleeve as the new season approaches!


If you generally suit a V-neck (like me) but can’t find one, or want to try something different, then just fake the shape. I’ve used the deep v-neck of the slip dress to create the same illusion on my body that a traditional v-neck shape does. It’s all about breaking up that larger surface area over your bust into smaller sections.

EXPERT STYLE TIP: Dress to suit the season.

I’m so excited that we’re seeing some new-season trends come through, but let’s face it, it’s still cold outside! So by layering this new-season dress with a long-sleeve tee, it makes it feel more winter-appropriate! You could even add tights to your ankle boots for extra warmth.



Max have got such a big range of everyday tees, there really is a style and cut that will work on everyone! Here are a few of my picks from their everyday collection, and what kind of thing you want to look for….

GET YOUR HANDS ON THE TEES: Max “Sydney” Crew Tee in Ballet Pink $49.99 | Max “Brooklyn” Scoop V Neck Tee in Summer Navy $49.99 | Max Slouchy Linen Tee Ballet Pink $69.99


The humble tee has come a long way from the stiff, basic, white option. Softer fabrics (which create drape), different cuts (to work on your shape no matter what) and your pick of colours and textures make wearing the humble tee that much easier and waaaaay more fun!

So tell me, what tee floats your boat? Or are you still not sure? Tell me about your body shape and personal style in the comments below and let’s workshop the best tee for you!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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