BONUS SATURDAY POST: Now I love a jumpsuit like a fat kid loves cake! But not everyone is with me on that. If you’re not a fan, I’m guessing you are now pursing your lips at the screen and thinking “really Cait?!” but stay with me…. THIS jumpsuit is going to rock your world!

Sacha Drake solange jumpsuit.jpg

Sacha Drake ‘solange’ jumpsuit AUS $249 (size 8-18, normal fit, ships to NZ)

So what’s so great about this jumpsuit? Not only are the sleeves adjustable, you can choose where the waist goes! The fabric is an amazing flattering, draped jersey and because the waist is adjustable, there is none of that “does the length of the jumpsuit fit the length of my body….. or and I going to risk cutting the cheese” if you get my meaning…….. yep, there you go!

The adjustable nature of this piece makes is suitable for any size and shape! Tie the belt higher around your waist, or lower around your hip, or pull the sleeves short or longer depending on the coverage you want.

This is the cleverest, greatest most impressive jumpsuit out there! (I know that’s saying a LOT, but I put a lot of trust in Sacha) and a great way to get your beginners membership to the jumpsuit-wearing club (we’re a whole bunch of fun, the jumpsuit-wearing club)

The “Solange” Jumpsuit from Sacha Drake is on pre-order HERE – it will be available from approximately July 21-25.

Get you little mitts on it as soon as you can! You won’t regret it!

Until Next Time,
In Style & Love Always
Cait xoxo


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