Don’t you love it when you find a little something that is just. a. little. bit. different.

I do!

I found one recently (thanks to good old Pinterest!) And it’s added to my newest, newest, newest obsession (as opposed to my newest, newest obsession – navy and white stipes. And my newest obsession, statement pants) Anyway – thin rings are awesome. The end.

This is my newest toy! It’s a ring! With my NAME on it! How cool is that? (yes, I was one of those children who NEVER found anything with their name on it) And the best news is, you can get one too! (I KNOW right!?)

This is my absolute faveourite thing! (this week)

This is my absolute favourite thing! (this week)

I also like to stack her with other thin rings – these cute little skulls are Jules Smith from (buy them here). By stacking them, you can create more of an impact, without wearing one, big chunky statement ring – it just mixes it up a little.

Stack em for more impact

Stack em for more impact

SO WHERE DO YOU GET ONE TOO? Well, I got this little beauty from a site called Silver Promo – they also do name necklaces (made famous by Carrie in Sex and the City) but the ring is certainly more me. At it only cost me about $50NZ including postage!!

This website is the internet's best kept secret (well maybe not, but I'm excitable and prone to exaggeration ok!?)

This website is the internet’s best kept secret (well maybe not, but I’m excitable and prone to exaggeration ok!?)

I chose the ‘handwriting’ font  in silver and I guess-timated that my ring size was 5 (I have VERY narrow fingers) but there is a size guide so just do your best with that.

I get so excited when I find something a little out of the ordinary (any ANYTHING that you can put your name on, especially mine, is super-exciting!)

Have you found anything out of the ordinary recently? Tell me about it in the comments below or post a pic for us all to see on Facebook!

Cait xox