I don’t know about you, by February is a killer in our house-hold! That Christmas/Summer spending hangover hits hard and all the little “extras” (like clothes and shoes) that we can usually sneak into the budget aren’t happening!

So I wanted to share with you some tips that will cost you ZERO dollars, but will help give your style a bit of a boost and change things up a little at the end of the season.

#1. Shop Your Own Wardrobe

Now I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes people don’t know where to start.

My biggest tip for this is to give your wardrobe a big cleanout! Sounds like a big job, but you will be surprised at what you pull out!

Oh, I forgot I had this” is probably the phrase I hear the most when I’m doing wardrobe audits with my personal styling clients.

If you can’t see it, how can you remember that you have it?

So clear it all out, then this is the trick – WEAR SOMETHING EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK THAT YOU HAVEN’T WORN IN OVER A YEAR.

I promise you, it will feel like you’ve been shopping!


#2. Clothes swap with your BFF’s

Get the gal-pals together, bring along your un-wanted clothes (wine optional, but always a good idea) and swap away! You never know, your BFF might be over that dress of hers that you have coveted for years!

Set some guidelines for the night (like how many items people need to bring, and take away, and what happens if two people want the same thing) and start playing dressups!

Everything that is left at the end of the night can be donated to a great charity like Dress For Success, to help other women look and feel amazing in hard times.


#3. Start accessorising!

I’m sure you’ve got a few sneaky accessories at home that you don’t wear. Well guuurl, now is the time to pull them out!

You will be surprised at how much an accessory can change an outfit! Add a scarf, a jacket, a necklace or even change the shoes you would usually wear, and you can create so many different looks wearing the same thing! It’s one of my favourite ways to give my style a boost.

They key is to change your accessories up! Go with things that feel a little OTT, because once you give it a go, they won’t seem that way – I promise! I wasn’t sure about this hat at first, but now I LOVE it, and wear it almost every day. It just adds a little extra to my looks.


#4. Sell some stuff…. to buy new stuff

Ok, so this technically isn’t $0 – BUT if you make money then it kinda cancels out right?

Get your unwanted pieces of clothing that you don’t wear much, turn it into cash! There are HEAPS of buy and sell groups on Facebook, or check out a consignment store that will sell on your behalf.

My favourite is Recycle Style online consignment boutique – the lovely Crystle will take your unwanted (but still lovely) clothes off you and sell them on her online store on your behalf.

If you really do want to go ZERO dollars, she can offer you credits back to purchase other amazing second hand clothes from the site so you aren’t actually spending! There are a few different ways that you can earn, so make sure you check out her website.

Recycle Boutique and Tattys also offer this service in person in Auckland, and just google “consignment store” for other regions.

#5 – Get Inspired Online!

Now the only thing this will cost you is your time (hours down the Pinterest rabbit hole right?). I bet that you actually have most of the things you need to give yourself a little style boost sitting right there in your wardrobe at home – you just need some inspiration!

Jump online and get some fresh ideas! I LOVE using Pinterest and Instagram for a bit of style inspiration. They are both great places for getting fresh ideas for new ways to wear things. And no, you don’t go and have to buy a whole bunch of things to get new looks! This is about getting ideas on how to mix and match things you already have in different ways.

Obs I’m going to say blogs are great too! (after all, everyday style inspiration is what I’m here for!) so make sure you scroll back through my old blog posts for some outfit ideas too (you can  even use the search bar just there on the right to look for specific things, like “jeans” or “summer dresses”)


So I hope that’s given you a few fresh ideas on how to boost your style without spending any money! Just know I’m right there with ya lady!

If you DO feel like you need a little more 1-on-1 expert help though, I offer personal styling packages from a little as $249, and they are great long-term investment to really help get your style sorted! More info on those here.

So tell me, do you have any great $0 style tips to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,