Calling all #girlbosses (and also just chicks who love cool things). This blog is one for you.

Yes, sure, I love pretty things. But I also love functional things – things that make my business (or just my life really) run more smoothly. Bonus points if they’re pretty too.

I always find myself drawn to funky and fun ‘work’ accessories, whether they are for my workspace, or myself, and I often then get asked about them on social, or in real life, so I wanted to pull together some of my fave things that are helping me #girlboss to my best potential, (while totally looking cute when I’m doing it haha). Here they are;

1. Kmart coffee mug $3

My day literally does not start without one! And it tastes a little nicer out of a cute cup. A cup that might get used more than once a day… haha

But seriously, taking time out to go make a cuppa, or just sit in the sun for 1o mintutes can really help refresh, and re-set your brain if you’re hard in the thinking (or doing) zone all day at your desk.

2. Phone-charging Might Purse $129.95

I’ve had one of these for years and they are seriously one of the best inventions ever! It’s basically a purse, that can charge your phone.

It has a built-in portable power pack so you can just plug your phone in on the go when it’s low on juice and you’ll never miss an important email (or cute insta post) again.


3. Quay Australia blue light glasses $60 (AUD)

I don’t wear specs, but these are specifically designed to filter out the blue light from screens to help with eye strain.

Job hazard – when I’m not knee deep in someones wardrobe, I’m usually behind a screen, doing this sort of thing, and more and more recently, it’s been later into the night (because kids, and busy!), so these glasses are great for all that necessary screen time.
(these were gifted to me)


4. Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera $997

This is probably a little more specific to my kind of girlbossing but if you need to take pictures for any reason to do with your business, I cannot recommend this camera highly enough!

It’s known as THE fashion blogger camera, because it’s small, compact, and has a flip-down “selfie” screen, oh and it’s super-cute too haha

But really, I use this camera for 90% of my content shots and I couldn’t be happier!


5. Erin Condren life planner $60 (US)

I know this might seem a bit up there for a diary, but I had one of these last year and I LOOOOOVED it!

I searched high and low for a functional, but fun diary/planner to work with everyday, and did a bunch of research and this came out on top for me.

It’s packed with features, and I love that it’s a week per page so I can see my whole week laid out for me. If you are hard-core into stationary, and love using a paper diary like me, make sure you look this one up for sure!


So there you have some of my fave fashionable, yet practical things that make running my own business just that little bit easier. And now I’d love to hear from you!

Tell me your favourite fashionable thing that makes running your own business, or just your life in general, that little bit easier.

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,