I’m calling it. Flamingos are the new pineapples.

I love them. They are tall and they are pink. Plus I have four of them (Bruce, Fred, Bob and Duncan) living in my backyard, and making appearances in my #everydaystyle posts.


hanging out with my mates

And now I want to share the love! I’ve scoured the internet to find five amazing and different ways to add some tall, pink, flamingo-ness into your life!

1.On your body

Flamingo top

SHOP THE TOP: River Island grey caviar flamingo tank top $38 

I love top because even though its clearly got flamingos on it, but if pink isn’t your thing, they this is a little more subtle. I love it with the white jeans, but you could also tuck in into a high-waisted black midi skirt.

2. On your nails



GET THESE NAILS: Heather Vette Nail Artist $75 shellac with nail art

Yup, these are my actual nails and there is a flamingo on them! My gorgeous and VERY talented friend Heather is a makeup and nail artist and can work her magic on your nails too (if you live in Auckland)

3. On your wall

flamingo print

SHOP THE FLOCK: Be A Flamingo gold foil print from Etsy.com approx $20 (+ shipping)

My sister and brother-in-law gave us a gorgeous flamingo print for our wedding I blame her for feeding my obsession. There are SO many amazing prints out there (just search “flamingo print” and you’re inundated!) so choose one to suit your taste.

4. On your desk

flamingo writing pad

SHOP THE BOOK: Typo A5 notepad $4.99

I have so many notebooks in my life, but whenever I see a cute one I have to add it to my collection. This one is no exception…..

5. On your man

on the boy

SHOP THE KNIT: Asos knitted jumper with flamingos $75

Is your man man enough to wear pink? Or you could just rock this yourself as an over-sized knit. It’s the colour combo of pink and grey that I love.

So that is only 5 out of about a gazillion things out there with flamingos on them, I had to stop at 5! I could have just kept going (my husband questioned if it was a good idea to even do this blog… and he hid the credit card)

Do you love a flamingo (or pineapple, or owl etc etc) in your life? Have you found anything fabulous with a flamingo tint to it? Shall the love in the comments below! I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always