I was always a lazy girl when it came to getting dressed (especially hair and makeup!) and that has amplified 10-fold now that I have a wee one!

Getting ready to leave the house is always a rush, and what I’m wearing feels a little like an after-thought at the moment.

me and my tiny human.... time-consuming tiny human.

me and my tiny human…. time-consuming tiny human.

Quick, get Emmie into the carseat, quick – get the carseat into the car before she starts crying, quick, grab her nappy bag/bottle/blanket etc etc

Not really much time to think about how mumma is looking.

BUT luckily, I’m a professional, and I’ve picked up a whole bunch of time-saving tricks to take my look from blah to bo-yah! in a flash and thanks to Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Powerfoil Mask, I’d love to share them with you!

Just add ONE more thing

I know this goes against everything Coco Chanel said, but accessories maketh the look! Even if you are wearing your sloppiest jeans and tee (or drapey pants, thats my jam right now), just wrapping on a scarf, or a necklace and it instantly lifts your look!


This is not new information, I know I say it all the time, but it really works! You know all those “stylish” ladies that you see around? Look closely at their outfit, it’s all in the accessories – the just look finished, so grab that scarf, even keep one in your car or handbag.

Look at your shoes

This is not ground-breaking either, but remember, it’s all the little things. Think about what shoes you’v got on. Do they look old and scrapy? Have they seen better days? Then time for an upgrade!

In summer, I’m a huge fan of substituting the good old jandal for a slightly dressier sandal, it just elevates your whole outfit.

Summer sandals featured image

If it’s still a little crisp where you are, a brogue can be a great replacement for the good old (worn out) trainers, or even just upgrade your dirty, stained Converse for a fresh new white pair – it makes all the difference.

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Jacket vs Cardigan

My styling clients will call me a broken record here, but if you want to look sharper and more polished in one easy step, add a jacket to your outfit rather than a cardigan.

Poor cardis, they get a bad wrap here on Chasing Cait but the reason is this – a structured jacket will help define your waist (or help give the illusion of one), whereas a cardigan just hangs over your body, potentially making you look bigger than you really are.

Here are a few great jackets that are easy to wear, and will give your look some WOW instantly


SHOP THE JACKETS: Glassons classic bomber $59.99 | H&M crepe jacket $29.99 | Jeanswest long line jacket $129

The brows have it

Getting out the door is a mission as it is for me right now, with a newborn baby, but I still want to look like I’ve made a little effort.

For me, just filling in my brows, and whacking on a bit of mascara can make all the difference to me looking awake and alive (as opposed to dead-tired and barely functioning which is the truth right now haha!)

My trusty brow-tools that make me feel human!

My trusty brow-tools that make me feel human!

I have quite small and deep-set eyes, so just a quick brow can enhance my whole face!

Brighten up your face

This tip leads on from the last one – if you have beautiful bright, fresh skin you won’t need to put much makeup on most day (except fill to in those brows if you’re like me)

So take some time on a Sunday night to apply a mask – I’m in love with this one from Estée Lauder – The Advanced Night Repair Foil Mask

ANR powerfoil mask Estee Lauder

This mask might look like something from The Man With The Iron Mask, but it will have your skin glowing in no time! The foil on the outside, helps to keep all the goodness in for long-lasting hydration. Used weekly, this mask helps give your skin back a gorgeous glow, ready to take on the week ahead – which means less makeup! Hey presto, time saved just by using this mask for 15 minutes once a week. (ok, I know I said 10 minute tips in the title, but take the extra 5 on this and enjoy a glass of wine!)

Life is full on these days no matter who you are, and sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference when it comes to getting through the day.

I hope these tips help you look, and FEEL awesome when you are just trying to get through each day – remember, you got this!

Do you have any time-saving tips for looking and feeling good everyday? Share them in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,


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